Simple Bathroom Lights & delayed Extractor


Hi everyone

I am moving over from ST and looking to understand the RM, Motion Lighting and Smart Lighting given Use Cases I have using webCoRE in STT.
I think I get the Smart Lighting as a start. ANd it works with multiple Motion Sensors :wink:
A good example to better understand is in a bathroom with a delayed Extractor. The lights and extractor are physically controlled by different endpoints...Fibaro FGS-223.

For example

  1. Turn Lights On when Any Motion from either Motion1 or Motion2.
  2. If Motion stays active in room for 180 secs then Turn on Extractor.
  3. After 5 mins of inactivity, turn off lights and extractor if on.

How would you suggest to implement this? I have had a look through the examples but maybe with different terminology I cant see anything similar.

I would appreciate guidance....


I'm not sure if this helps or not but here are 2 rules I use for my bathroom to turn the extractor on if humidity rises above a certain level.
The first rule is for the lights and I have a restriction which disables the rule if the extractor is on.

The second is for the extractor if humidity rises above a certain level.
You could replace the humidity part with motion being active for 180 seconds.
Should give you a good starting point.


What is the -1 in the actions? Actually your rule works for me for my new automation of my extractor, I will use an Aqara and Qubino. Thanks.


Its a Fibaro Switch that has 2 switches. Each switch is given a different end point.
To do this you use an app called Virtual device Sync.
Can post if you need it.


I have 1x FGS-222 & 9x FGS-223s
Seen that the Virtual Device Sync is good for multiple endpoints.
I used the equivalent on the STT platform before

I have asked elsewhere about the zwave plus version FGS-223.
I am going to try and include one of my FGS-223s in the morning so guidance welcomed


I'll have a look to see what I'm using. 222's or 223's.
I cannot remember TBH.
Are you OK with the rules?
Can give you some pointers if you need them but I try to give the bare bones as I have always found that the best way to learn is to try things myself. That way I tend to remember better.
That's just me though.


No thats fine @bobgodbold
I agree its the best way to learn
I will take my time and go one step at a time.
I am assuming these are Rules for the Rule Machine?


Yeah, I tend to use RM for everything.
I don't use Simple Lighting or Motion Lighting even though I could for a lot of my rules.


One thing to keep in mind is the timeout of your motion sensor. I don't think I saw you mention what kind of motion sensor you have. But if the timeout is 60 seconds (meaning that the device will not report "inactive" until 60 seconds after motion has been reported) then you may be turning on the fan more frequently than you intend. I have all my motion sensors with 30 second timeouts on the device to keep the impact of this to minimum.


Just put a spare 223 on my kitchen cabinet lights as I was using a dimmer but they are not dimable.
I have used the Virtual Device Sync app to configure the 2 switches.
I tried using the 223 driver that was on ST but cannot get it to work.
I tried the 222 driver and that works OK.
I can turn each switch on and off.