Simple Automations: Please Add Power


Was trying to set up an auotmation, and noticed that Simple Automations lacks any energy or power does have other similar scaled triggers (as opposed to on/off binary ones) so seems like it should be able to easily handle it.


Any reason power levels are left out, and if not, could triggers for power level be added in a future release?


+1 for this. It would make monitoring the charge on my car much easier.


+1, please add power to basic rules and simple automations. I want to turn on and off a virtual switch when power is 0 or not 0. I know I can do it in rule machine.

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I think the more options you add the less it becomes 'Simple'.
If power is added I'm sure someone will ask for something else to be added and then something else.
I'm not swaying either way just making an observation.
The line has to be drawn somewhere I suppose.

Just my 2 pence worth. :slight_smile:

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I'd like power included in has so many others that it really wouldn't have a significant impact on the complexity of the app...the absence of it forces folks to use more complex apps if they want to monitor power, so that also doesn't help keep things simple.

I'll match your pence, and raise you a gilder. Hah!! :wink: