Simple Automation Triggers While Restricted

Hello all. I have a C7 running I have a simple automation I setup for Christmas time to turn Christmas tree on at 7a and off at 10p. Super simple. I set a restriction based on a virtual point (Christmas Season - between a set of dates controlled in RM). The virtual point works like expected and I can see the Simple Automation restricted, but the automation continues to run.

I'm confused by this and before I just blow the automation out, I figured I'd post the anomaly here for insights. Any ideas? Just blow away and recreate maybe?

I'm no expert, but I'm totally not clear on what "restrict only the trigger of this rule" in the Restrictions section, means. I think I've changed this from one to another in the past and made something or other work better. Maybe you could try that.

I read up on it. If you restrict trigger and pending actions, say the restriction happens after the initial trigger (turn light on at 7a), then the light will not turn off at 10p for example. Restricting only the trigger should allow the automation to shut the light off at 10p.
Restriction Options for Basic Rule, Simple Automation Rule and Rule 5.1

Thanks for the link. I'm educated now.
I set up a similar automation to yours.
It seems to work.
I say seems, because I won't really know until tomorrow this time if the rule is actually disabled.
With only the trigger, it'll seem as if the automation is running as usual until the next day.

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Well, I don't think it works!
I forgot to actually sit there and watch the dining room chandelier, but it looks like the rule triggered at 11:40 even though the virtual switch was off since yesterday.
This could be a job for @bravenel .

Chandelier events:



Test switch:

Turn on logging in the app, and post a screenshot of those logs for when it doesn't work as expected.


Seeing the same thing here. Rule is restricted, but doesn't care. actions still initiate.

I am not able to reproduce any problem with this. As before, need to see the setup page and the logs.

All that cutting and pasting above didn't do it?
I turned on logging for the app and posted it as well as the test switch log
I posted the rule setup,
What is this "setup page"?

I was responding to @brian.cline2.

For what you showed, you have it restricted when the switch is off, and the switch was turned on at 6:48, so that means it was not restricted at 7:00.

Exactly. It was restricted at 7:18 pm when the switch was turned off.
The rules ran between 7:15 and 7:20 PM. I ran it again that evening when you said you needed app logging. I turned off the switch at 7:18. My understanding is that the automation should have run that night, at 7:20 but no more. It ran the next day as well.

I thought my initial info was enough. I apologize. I have turned on logging and will reply back after it triggers later in the day when I can watch it..

OK, but the lights turned on at 7:15, when it was not restricted, and your restriction is only for the trigger, not both trigger and off.

As opposed to this:

But it acted the next day. Turned on at 7:15 and off at 7:20.

I can't see your hub or what is going on there. All I have to go on are two things:

  1. The logs you post that have to fully illuminate the sequence of events/states, etc., and
  2. My own reproductions of a rule just like yours, and what it does with the various states and sequence of events.

As I said, I am not able to find any problem with how this works, and your logs don't show anything unexpected. :man_shrugging:

  1. Did you observe your rule's behavior 24 hours later than when it initially ran?

  2. How to do this detailed logging? "Info" seems to be what App logging provides, and doesn't logging turn itself off after a period of time on devices? This is a 24 hour duration issue.

Sooooo with the config below (restrict trigger and pending actions), it works like expected.

No log items.

With only restrict trigger selected, the loads actuate.


app:11662023-01-10 01:44:00.146 PMinfoact: Turn On & Set Level

OK, there is a bug for the case with Restrict only the trigger. Fix will be in the next release.



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