Simple automation rules vs basic rules

Can someone help me understand the differences.. Read about them on the wiki but still don't know which is best. Do they hace different uses?

Neither is best, they approach automation logic slightly differently but in terms of what you can do with each app, there’s a lot of overlap.

What’re you trying to accomplish?

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I switched all my Simple Rules to Basic Rules. Its an easier flow and I haven't found a limitation with if for basic stuff yet. I would start there. For more complex things use RM 5.0. I removed the Simple Rules app.


Basic rules was created after simple automation rules. I use both. For the automations that were running just fine under simple automation rules, I didn’t have any real need to recreate them.


Simple Rules are more for lighting and switches, it is a more limited app. You can do things like "turn on switch if contact sensor opens". But it works great for what it is. And it is indeed very simple and straightforward.

Basic Rules includes many more things you can trigger from or automate like Motion, Temperature, Humidity, Locks, and so on. I think this was intended to give many of the features of Rule Machine without the very complicated/complex setup of RM. It is a little more complicated than Simple Automations, but still pretty easy.

And next level up in complexity and things you can control would be Rule Machine.

So I guess it depends upon what your needs are...


thanks nothing in specific, just looked over both apps and trying to determine wich one to keep for simple stuff.