Simple Automation Rules Pico Button Light Set Level Minimum

I have a SAR for a Lutron Pico in which I use a remote button to set a minimum dim value.
It’s currently set to 1 and cannot go any lower, however the bulb (a Sengled smart bulb) is still too bright and I know it can actually go even lower but can’t figure out a way to see the minimum values on these. Trying to set this for my newborn daughter’s nursery.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

I don’t find that the Sengled I’ve owned could go very dim. None of the LED Smart bulbs seem to. What do you mean when you wrote you know it can go lower? How do you know?

I guess I just assumed they must go lower because they’re still pretty bright at 1. If I had these in a fixture with a regular dimmer, I have no doubt they could be brought down much further almost to the point of being off. I would think.

My experience with Sengled is that they don’t dim very low.

I’m thinking of trying a Hue bulb to see if it dims lower.

My Hue bulbs dim pretty low but I haven’t connected them to any Pico switches to test if there’s a difference.

That's normal Sengled behavior. Typical of WiFi or Zigbee LED bulbs.