Simple Automation Rule not always Firing

I have a simple automation rule set up to turn on and off two exterior lights at sunrise and sunset -

I have noticed that on occasion that the lights dont always turn on or off - Its generally only one of the two lights and is not always the same light.

Should I set up two different automations one minute apart or is there something wrong with the way that I set this one up that can be easily fixed?

Thanks in advance for the assist.

Check the logs for the app, and check the System Event logs. See if the app runs (from its log) when it should. If it doesn't, let me see those two logs. If it does, but the lights don't turn on, then you have a device issue. Look at the device Events from the button on the device page. See what it shows. This is how you track down what is actually happening.

@bravenel thanks for the sleuthing tips... I am going to monitor the logs when I see strange happenings.

This could be a situation where another member of the house is turning turning the switch either on or off and is triggering the light via the switch...I may have to go to hotwiring the location and leaving the switch in place for "Decorative purposes" only.

In my Device log for he front porch light I see strange occurrences -
No activity on the 8th
No on on the 10th
Quick on/off on the 11th
No on on the 13th
Quick on/off on the 14th
No off on the 15th

The App however does not show the same behavior