Simple Automation Rule around Sunrise/Sunset with offset?


I want to use the "Simple Automation Rule" App to turn a switch on 30mins after sunrise and turn off 30 mins after sunset. The app allows me to set sunrise +30 mins and has a option for "also turn off at sunset" but it doesn't give an option to set an offset for the sunset. Will it also adjust based on the 30 mins in put in for the sunrise? Or should I just make a separate rule?

Yes this could easily be done in Rule Machine, just trying to use the apps that the experts have created to keep over head on the hubitat down.

You answered your own question. Simple. When not simple, the expert-created method is RM.

I'd just create another Simple Automation Rules rule to turn off at sunset-30. To answer your other question, the adjustment will only happen on the sunrise action in your case, not both. (Even with RM, I think this would be best done as two separate rules, even though you could do it in one.) It is a bit odd that SAR doesn't give you an offset option here for the "reciprocal" action when it does for the original, but I guess they have to stop adding features to something called "simple" at some point...

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That's what I figured. And I didn't want to wait until sunset to find out :slight_smile: #impatient :slight_smile: