Simple Automation - Restrictions - Time Window / Rule Behavior Question

Wanted to confirm there is no way around the the following before I move the rule to RM.

Want an outlet to be turned on when temperature is above a "high setpoint" ONLY within a specific time window, and then want that outlet turned off when temp drops below a "low setpoint" OR at the end of the specific time window.... which ever comes first.

Using Simple Rules I see that once turned on, if the Restriction time window ends before the "low setpoint" is reached then the outlet STAYS ON. That is to say, the rule is "parked" and no longer able to act on "Turn off when temperature is less than ".

I understand this is a logical consequence of the Restrictions, I'm just double checking function before I move this rule out of Simple Automation, even tho it seems to be a simple rule.


Restrictions in SAR used to be fairly naive, but now there is a Basic-Rule-esque option: "Restrict trigger and pending actions" or "Restrict only trigger." So, turning off after the restriction time doesn't seem like it would be a problem to me if that option is set appropriately. What does seem like a problem to me is that there's no way to also make it turn off at a specific time in the same rule, just a way to make it turn off based on temperature. A restriction (whether time-based or otherwise) becoming in effect or not in effect does not do anything on its own.

Basic Rule might (I haven't tested this particular setup...) actually a bit more flexible here if you don't want to go to full Rule Machine, but if you're comfortable with that, there's no reason not to--then you can for sure do what you want.

(BTW, if you don't see that option in SAR, your rule may have been created with an older version. It is there in SAR 1.2, at least--which also has the ability to be converted in to RM.)

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Bingo, that's the case and I didn't realize it. As for RM I'm less and less reluctant as I see "once in there" there's usually no impedance to accomplish anything. The SAR is like "do it in an eye-blink and see if it'll achieve what you want" kinda thing.

Thanks again.

EDIT: Just created new rule and saw the subject option which was exactly fit for purpose. Always satisfying to see something come into play that you actually stumbled with.

But alas, what you say here IS something I would have liked the option of because regardless of the temp I would like to turn this off by some time.