Simple Automation - mode not working

I setup a test on a single hue bulb to run a simple automation to turn on at a certain time and off at a certain time. Obviously this easily works when no modes are selected in restrictions. But as soon as I add a mode restriction, nothing...


this is more than likely the problem with my other basic light on lights off at certain times in another post not working:

I set up a simple automation with a mode restriction similar to yours:

This works fine for me. I'm sure this goes without saying, but since you have a mode restriction, can you be sure that you were in one of the specified modes at the time the automation ran? Guessing so, but never hurts to check. I'm assuming you were given the app events you posted.

So, the next question: does the Hue bulb work as expected otherwise? Is it directly paired, or are you using a Hue Bridge integration? Many Zigbee bulbs are problems when directly paired if you have a Zigbee network of bulbs and non-bulb devices (sensors, outlets, etc.), and Hue can be one.

Something weird is going on, but I just ran a new test and it worked on the test subject. I'm going to experiment some more and see if it's stable...thanks again!