Simple automation 1.1 not recognizing sunset offset

These rules worked in SA 1 so I updated all the rules to SA 1.1 and now they’re broken

Updated as in new rules? You exactly copied the settings on the old ones that worked? You are showing the gear icon settings, but what do the rules themselves look like?

So did you try powering down the hub via the settings menu, pull the power cord, and waiting 1-2 minutes before booting again?

What is your hub firmware (latest is

And your time zone and hub time are correct? Maybe even set the "wrong" time zone, then select your correct one again?

I don't see anything particularly obvious, but we might want to tag Bruce if a few simple things don't help.

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Yes, I recreated all the SA rules in the new version item for item. All my SA rules were ( are) sunset based only.
Times correct, rules are same, S+*% doesn’t work.
Let the old SA run and the rule runs. Pause it and the new version doesn’t.