Simple alexa to zoos plug socket help

need some help for what ever reason alexa doesn't like my zoos zwave dual plug. I added it it is having trouble connecting and working
the switch works fine outside of alexa and in HE

so I figure ok i will just make a virtual contact switch that turns it of and on and add that to alexa for voice control

the problem is I made the virtual switch but can't seem to figure out how to get the virtual switch to show the variables to control zoos plug

Did you remember to authorize the device in the Amazon Echo Skill app?

That's very odd. In general if a switch functions from the device page, and has been added to the Amazon Echo Skill app (in Hubitat), it should be controllable by Alexa. Could you confirm that it has been added to the Amazon Echo Skill?

Also, when you added the Zooz dual plug, it should have created two child switches corresponding to the Left and Right outlets.

Can you confirm that you added the two child switches to the Amazon Echo Skill? And not the parent device?

yes but it actually seems like the switch is having a problem altogether
it keeps getting hung up in on

I added all three and they did show up in amazon
but for some reason the switch is hanging up on on even in just HE

That's different than what you wrote originally.

Do you have a C-7 Hubitat? If so, have you seen this?

yes it worked for a short while then started hanging up even in HE

ahh I did not see that and that is probably my problem I did not change the security when
I included the plug
I do have the c7 and i just got it 2 days ago ran the update. I will try to exclude and re include without the security

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Unfortunately I was not able to get it to work even going through the steps so it's on its way back to Amazon.