Similiar to others hub upgrade issue

If anyone wants to look at engineering logs.

One of my hubs in hancock i just attempted to upgrade from .140 to .144

It came back up but the logs page hung . (spinning status in chrome)
It said there was still an update avail. As indicated by red flag in top right corner. even after i closed all windows and reopened
When i clicked on the update avail. it said hub was busy rebooting.. it wasnt.

Devices page did come up and looked ok.. I did not try anything else.

i went to the 8081 as others and it showed old versions and .144 avail.. it still thought i was on .140
i chose .144 and said rollback to that .. it rebooted and all seems fine now..


That should no longer be an issue once you're running 143 or later, see release notes: