Silence Hubitat app geofence notification?

Is there a way to silence the Hubitat app geofence notification without disabling all Hubitat app sound notifications?

I would vote for that too.

Just curious, but mine doesn’t announce geofence events. On iPhone and notification sounds are turned on. But I only get notifications if I program them in RM or other apps.


Pixel 6a
Android 13
App 1.6.11 build 135

I haven't ever had geofence notifications unless I set one up with a rule.


I just re-enabled the Hubitat Android app. The geofence is set pretty tight. While mowing the lawn and listening to a podcast I had the chiming frequently interrupting the audio stream. Eventually, I figured out that it was coming from the Hubitat app repeatedly notifying me that I was going in and out of the geofence. "Present", "Not present."

You must have a rule set up to do this. Just get rid of that.


You have an iPhone, correct? I do not. In the Android app there is no granularity for notifications. Simply on or off. I have no notifications enabled that relate to presence.

Sorry, don't know what to tell you. On my Iphone I can turn notifications on or off for the app. But there is no separate on/off for different kind, or granularity, of notifications for that app. or any other app for that matter. I have notifications for the app turned on. I do not get notifications for presence. I do get notifications for things that I programmed in RM and other HE apps. And the presence from the app is working.

I have had Hubitat and the phone app for like 3 years on multiple Android phones, and I have never got a notification about geofence. This is the first I have ever heard of the geofence itself causing an alert. I am pretty familiar with the hub software and the phone app, and I can't recall ever seeing a setting for doing this.

I am not sure where to tell you to look, but I think I would look at Debug logs in the phone app Settings tab, and see if that gives any clues.


I've had the app for several years as well. The last two + I turned geofence off because it was no longer reliable and switched to Life 360. Saturday morning I decided I'd give it another go and see if it would now work with the currently available Android battery settings. I have a couple of apps that notify my phone but they are not related to presence. I've changed the Android app setting to deliver notifications "quietly." When I have time in the next couple of days I'll delete the app and reinstall. I can't see that I have any Hubitat apps or settings that would prompt a notification for present, not present. I would not have noticed the audible notification except that I had the geofence pretty tight and I was mowing the lawn and kept going in and out of the boundry and couldn't figure out what the intermittent beeping was that was interrupting the podcast I was listening to.
This is my phone for the period I was referring to.

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If logging is turned on in the device will that cause it?

Seems unlikely. I'm voting for a bit of corruption over time. I'll delete it and reinstall and see if there is a different outcome. If my understanding is correct the app is not behaving as designed. I just reinstalled it. We'll see if I get a notification when I leave the geofence.

I got impatient and uninstalled the Android app and reinstalled. When I go into the S21 device and select arrived and departed it no longer creates a mobile notification.
Seems like problem solved. Maybe a glitch in an update along the way or entropy after a couple of years rest. :wink: I'm not going to mow the lawn again to test it.

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Glad you got your issue solved. I just wanted to add for completeness (I just remembered this) that the Hubitat app will send Enter and Exit notifications

If you have Debugging selected in the settings.

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I do not have debugging enabled. I don't believe I would have had it enabled before I uninstalled / reinstalled.

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