Shower idea

Hey all. In struggling with the most suitable way for me new project.
I am getting a smart isolator switch installed for my shower extractor and going to install a bunch of gu10s and an iris motion sensor to control the lighting.

I am struggling on the best way to have the fan turn on and off when needed. Any suggestions?

What do you want to be the trigger? Motion? Humidity?
I've an app i use for Humidity

I use the accelerometer on a Smartthings multi stuck to my shower head to trigger the fan in my bathroom. The water rushing out of my shower head causes just enough vibration for this to work very consistently.


Not sure, looking for inspiration. Humidity, contact sensor on the door, accelerometer, water sensor...

That is a cool idea, does it look odd on the shower head?

It’s on the back side of my shower head, you cant even see it.

You might be interested in this program:


I made a rule in RM that essentially kicks on the fan at a variable speed, depending on how humid it is in the room. A measurement against my thermostat determines how humid the bathroom is (vs the rest of the house). It's at 0% for +/- 15%, and 100% at +/- 30%. Works well for my use. :slight_smile:

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In all my bathrooms I have separate shower lights from the general bathroom lights. I use Simple Automation to turn on the shower fan when the shower light is turned on and then off 20 minutes after the shower switch is on. I also automate my hot water circulation pump too with the shower light on. I thought about using humidity sensors but felt the shower light is the easiest given it’s always on when showering.

I think this is what I am looking at. It seems the most sensible approach. I was thinking about a button but we would just forget to push it