Shower Fan received unhandled command: CentralSceneNotification (keyAttributes:0, sceneNumber:1, sequenceNumber:32, slowRefresh:true)

Not sure what's going on with this one, it just started yesterday. I have 3 Honeywell smart switches attached to fans, just a simple on or off. I'm using Joel's GE Z-Wave Plus Switch driver for all 3 switches. All 3 are configured the same way. I have rules for 2 of these switches that will turn them off after a delay with a double tap. The on/off/double taps all work as they should. Out of the blue, my Shower fan started giving me this warn message:

Shower Fan received unhandled command: CentralSceneNotification(keyAttributes:0, sceneNumber:1, sequenceNumber:32, slowRefresh:true)

The sequenceNumber increases if that means anything to anyone. I have one scene that does not use that device, and is not active. Everything works as normal, including the delay off. But any time I click the up or down button I get that warning.

Edit: I deleted the rule and it still throws the warning.

What driver are you using for this device? The message means that the device is sending a CentralSceneReport that the driver isn't handling. (Or at least it does this is a stock driver or a community driver that follows this convention--though on stock drivers this would only be a debug log you'd get when that is enabled, and it will disappear when that is disabled.) A CentralSceneReport is generally sent by Z-Wave devices like this on some sort of button or multi-tap event, so that would make sense for double taps or even usually single taps on your device. Usually sceneNumber: 1 is the down paddle at keyAttributes: 0 a single tap, but I'm not sure there's a standard here; that's just what happens on devices I'm familiar with. In any case, the message would be a report from the device that the driver isn't handling, not anything that an app (including a rule) on your hub can affect.

If you don't plan on using multi-taps and this message disappears when debug logging is disabled (stock drivers enable this automatically for the first 30 minutes after installation, then automatically disable it then or 30 minutes after any future time if you re-enable it), then I wouldn't be too concerned about it. If the logs bother you, my guess is that this a community driver, and that driver could be modified to either send this message off to be parsed into an event (a button event of some sort is generally what Hubitat translates Z-Wave Central Scene events into) or disable this logging. But I wouldn't consider this a problem either way--unless you want this parsed into an event and the driver isn't doing that.

I'm using this driver. I have the 12/7 version because the latest update seemed to flood my logs with message overflows on "on/off" events and my HE basically DoS'd itself. I rolled back to the 12/7 version and it's fine.

I like using the double taps because I can double tap the button and my shower fan turns off after 10 minutes to get the condensation out. Even without the rule it's still throwing the warning.

I'm confused for 2 main reasons. First, it started out of the blue. I work in IT and know that means something changed and I don't know what it was. Second, I have two other lights configured the same way and this is one acts different.

It's a community driver, but I posted this last week and one of the HE devs basically said to use the community version.

My HE has been a little wonky lately so this is just another symptom. For example I have a "turn on xmas lights" simple automation rule and only 2 of the 4 lights decided to turn on today, but that's out of scope for this issue.

OK, I'll tag @JasonJoel since I think that's his driver. I'm still not sure if you're describing a problem or just wondering why the log entry is there (it just means the device sent a report the driver isn't handling). But looking at that driver code, it doesn't appear to parse CentralSceneNotifications from the device at all, which your device is sending (again, this is usually for taps on mulit-tap-capable devices) and the GE device this driver was written for apparently uses a different method to send these events, based on what I'm seeing in his driver. I'm sure he'll have some ideas.

I’m not sure that it’s a driver issue, I searched through the code and didn’t see that specific class referenced. Plus my other two switches are fine.

The button functions normally, so I’m just wondering why the warning messages appeared. The warning was put there for a reason and I’d like to solve the root cause.

I’ve only been digging into the logs for my various other rule machine rules not firing correctly.

I am. :slight_smile: The device is sending a report to the hub that the driver is not parsing. This cannot be an app problem; it's an incoming Z-Wave message from the device, specifically a CentralSceneNotification (again usually something you'll get as a result of a tap or multi-tap on button-y devices). More on this below...

I'm not sure why your other switches aren't doing this if they are the exact same model, unless possibly they accept configuration parameters that tell them whether or not to send Z-Wave Central Scene events and that's not enabled on the others. Some manufacturers have also added these with firmware updates (or hardware revisions, sometimes silently) when they were not present before. Maybe one or both of these is different for you? The manual may have information on at least supported configuration parameters, and the Basic Z-Wave Tool can get a VersionReport for you that might contain firmware version, though it looks like this driver will also put it in a "fw" field under "Device Data" if it receives a report when you're using that driver (though I don't see anything that will fetch the data for you on demand).

That's actually the exact problem. Because none of the specific zwaveEvent() signatures you can see match the report coming in, the generic handler on line 246 is catching it instead and letting you know it's not being handled. (If you don't care to make use of these events, it's harmless and can be ignored, but if you do, you'll need to use a different or modified driver that does parse this data into an event for consumption by subscribed Hubitat apps.)

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The standard/old model GE dimmers, which is what the link was to, do not use central scene messaging.

If the ge device is using central scene, then the Enbrighten driver should be used. Either the in-box or my custom one.


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Wow thanks for the info! I must be a liar because I see it for the other fans. I used the original driver and just converted all of my switches to your drivers and must have gotten my thoughts crossed.

I assume then this has nothing to do with it being a fan, and just a switch vs dimmer then? If it can be ignored I’m fine with that since I want the double tap for timed events.

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