Show us your favorite voice controls

I think this can be done. This isn't AI, it's careful scripting. The wait for input and responses come from the custom Alexa skill. That's nothing to do with Home Assistant in particular. This should be possible on anything that can trigger and be triggered by Alexa. I just wouldn't want to do all that scripting. Not on HE or HA. This is what Alexa "Hunches" was supposed to do for us, but I've only had it ask me one thing ever.

Not an easy problem to tackle, even if you have unlimited computing power. Important to remember, there are no smart homes really. We only have carefully scripted home automation.

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The one that impresses the most people is "hey google turn on the fireplace". I have a rule to automatically turn off after an hour, but people usually look at me with mouth open when I turn it on by voice.

I like to fall asleep to white noise /rain sounds using my Echo Show in my bedroom. However, there is NO way to automate a sleep timer nor have the screen go off. So I use an Alexa Routine + Virtual Switch + HE + Chormecast Helper (with an Google Mini I also have in my bedroom) to achieve this! Its a little on the Rube Goldberg-ish side, but gets the job done!

How do you get it to notify you of doors/windows left open?

I have contact sensors on my doors. If the door opens it plays a sound file to my google device. Basically a store chime.

You set it with rule machine using a custom attribute if I remember.

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I just have a notification rule setup to monitor if a door sensor remains open for 5 or more minutes then send out a TTS to my Google Home/Hub Devices alerting me. Works very well.

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I use mine to set timers in the kitchen. Smartphone notifications would be nice in case you're outside in the yard or garden. flashing lights would also be nice if you're hearing impaired or somewhere in the house that is out of earshot of the Google home device.

What are u using to determine if it ran or not?

A home energy monitor. Tilt sensor confirms the door was opened after running. I had issues with the assistant part not working consistently and have not put any effort into improving this, so itโ€™s not in use at the moment.

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