Show Off Your Dashboards!


Thanks for the instruction on getting the keypad setup, it works.

Can I make a suggestion, after the pin is entered, I believe the screen should go back to the Dashboard.

The way that it currently is, for someone not accustomed to the Dashboard they will be a bit lost. Also one would think that after entering the pin to do what you've selected, well then it's back to the Dashboard, isn't it?

Also if the current state is for e.g. one of the 'Armed' states, why would another 'Armed' state be visible? I would think if the current state is say 'Armed Away' the only options that should be visible would be the 'Disarm' options. Ditto in reverse. Again for someone unaccustomed would be a lot self explanatory.

And this would not be annoying to anyone else really , as lets face it how often would you change from 'Armed Away' to 'Armed Home'???


HI, I need a bit more guidance, I'm attempting to add a Tile to a Dashboard. I'm thinking I may be able to add a seperate tile for 'Arm' & 'Disarm', not sure if I can or not as I can't get past the add tile, then I select 'HSM' in pick a Template. Which I would have thought would have then changed the 'Devices' that could be selected to being i.e. 'Armed Away' etc. etc.

However that's not the case. I an't find how I select anything from the 'HSM' selections.

In fact when the tile is saved it appears to default to the other 'HSM' tile that is on the tile. After the tile was saved, I then opened it via the 3 dots, again the 'Devices' aren't related to the 'HSM' options.

Please advise how I add one of these tiles & change the selection, or am I not thinking this correctly??


Hi @greghoward1962

I don't think you can do this, no.

All you can do is add the HSM, or Mode.

Then you'll have this, which will show the current mode.

When selected, a further pop up will appear.

You could however, add virtual buttons (Armed, Disarmed etc), and have those change the HSM accordingly, using RM, when pushed?


Thanks for your reply, I think the trouble with the virtual buttons would most likely be that the keypad won't open.
Although I haven't tried it, if it does, then that is a work around.

How would I setup Virtual Buttons in RM?


Yeah, sadly you're correct, no Pin on those buttons :frowning:


Is there a way to shift the slider to the bottom of the tile as I keep hitting it when turning on/off the lights.


So I have a similar issue. I can delete a tile but I can't close the tile dialogue once it's open.

I had created a previous dashboard called "Cameras" when I was experimenting. It has a single tile which was a image tile with a URL (I never got that to work and display my camera feed but that's a different issue).

Once I've hit the 3 dots to edit the tile if I go to delete it does prompt me for confirmation (I've not clicked on yes yet). But then if I try to either hit the X in the top right or click the "close" button neither work. They "click" but the dialogue box doesn't close. I can browse away from that page and back fine but if I call up the edit box again it will not close.

Firefox 66.0 (All blockers disabled)
Windows 10 PC
Hubitat latest ( original HUB (UK variant)

Happens every time. Fully and trivially repeatable by going to the tile, editing and trying to close.
Does not happen with a newly created identical tile only an existing tile
Does happen with Chrome on the same PC
Does happen with Samsung Browser on my mobile (though I also note I also don't have the "x" to close in my Samsung browser)

I'm guessing I could just delete and re-create to make the problem go away but thought I'd report it anyway.



I have a switch connected to a bulb and I want to change the icon so it looks like a bulb rather than a switch. Which icon can I use so it shows different icon when its on or off?


whoah, wait, can you have Sonos speakers be turned on and play currently playing music via motion detection?


My Dashboards


Excuse the last one background. My father just died and I'm still dealing with it.

Overall I like the new dashboard and the full screen images when you touch them rocks !!

BTW people Android intent links work in the dashboard !!!

Well done @patrick.stuart


What's that do?


intent links open android apps if you are using a android tablet and want to embed the code for it in the dash board.

EG; intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;;end

You add it as a url link in the dashboard. Opens the Rain Cloud app.

Also this same thing can be done for iPads using a different url, google about that.


Here are some links about Intent links.

And for iPads


@sgrayban nice dashboards! Are you using Actiontiles or the HE dashboard?


That's not the limitation. The limitation is using the Fully browser. That's what is launching the shortcut. Doesn't matter where the shortcut comes from. You can use a link tile in HE dashboards and it will work or a Link tile in ActionTiles or SharpTools, as long as you're using Fully.


Can you use TouchID/FaceID to protectthe dashboard?


You can use that to lock the tablet/phone but not for the individual dashboard. That is pin only.

If the browser you are using supports saved passwords with TouchID/FaceID then it would work that way. But that's a function of the OS, not the dashboard.


At last. Now I can really lock down my Living Room tablet with Fully and still have access to my cams.


I don't know if you can launch another app from fully if you lock down fully into real kiosk mode. Also, once you are in the other app, i believe that the fully locking no longer has control. So, once in the other app you could hit the home button and get to the launcher. You would want to pin-protect that dashboard if you want to keep it truly locked down. That is what I remember...I could be wrong or that could have changed but just to give you a heads up.


You can...tested today.

You can make Fully your default launcher so that hitting home brings up the start url.