Show Off Your Dashboards!


Ha, can just imagine the hijinx when the sensor battery dies just after locking you in the toilet though. :smile:


Yeah, his "smart lock" solution scared me a bit and I say that as someone who wants Star Trek style doors all through the house. :smiley:


As far its a hitchhiker and not the driver I'm cool with it.


Because ICONS! and EMOJIS! and stuff...

Personally, I just like icons. It's the web developer in me. LOL


Will we have the ability to add pin security to other tiles?


Not at release of Dashboard v2. Only HSM and Modes.


ok, i can live with that for the time being, what about adding a web link tile? I'm just going through the features I use/used with other dashboards. I love sharptools, but i have 1 particular panel i'd like to setup with local dashboard..


There already is a link tile in the current dashboard. Dashboard 2 expands on it with a label along with the href


sorry, that is what i meant...


how were you able add links to switch between the dashboards. also The live cameras ive been trying to figure it out, if you can please help me.


It is an Android app that I created. Where I am using multiple WebViews and the tabs take me to a different view. It's similar to the concept of having tabs in your internet browser. I also handled the cameras in the app, so that page is not linked to HE at all. I have seen a couple of other community members work on live feeds through HE. Check out the two links below.


I'm new to Dashboard, not sure if there are tutorials out there?!
I do have few devices that I only monitor on my phone/pc, I'm not sure how to add
1- nest camera feeds
2- weather (I did setup ApiXU)
3- how to make the dashboard on main screen of tablet

Appreciate your help


There is documentation for everything: HERE
There is a forum post link for Dashboard listed here in post 14: Show Off Your Dashboards!

I went to post a direct link but was questioned by the forum genie about doing so as it already exists.


Hi, I upgraded last night (Oz Time) & now have the new Dashboard. Looks good a lot of little tweaks.

However I can't find the new Pin Security or at least how to add it??



Only 3 days with HE. Just upgraded new Dashboard, I love it. But I had some issue :

  • can not delete the tile , the screen frozen after I hit YES.
  • When I'm away my house, my Dashboard suddenly shut down, on my android phone : " This site can't reached. Xxxxxx take too long to respond ".
    Any advice. Thanks.


Most likely you are using the local dashboard link instead of cloud.
When you are away from home and not using a VPN back to your home network. Use the cloud link instead.


Need more information. When reporting issues it is helpful to share what browser, OS. Platform version and steps to reproduce the issue. Does it happen on a different browser / computer?

Did this happen only once? Or can you repeat this? If so, please let us know the exact steps to repeat the problem.


This morning i used Chrome to download and open the new dashboard. I used " automatic " to set up 16 bulbs, i had 18 tiles ( 16 bulbs + hue bridges + state DAY ). I want to delete 2 tiles: hue bridges and state day. When I hit 3 dots on tile and choice delete this tile ( hue bridge), nothing change on the dashboard. I need to click on menu ( device, apps,...) to exit the dashboard.


I'm at work now, can not log in my dashboard to choice Cloud Dashboards Menu !!!