Show Off Your Dashboards!

I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.

kinda agree with ya.. altho if it did itd be a game changer for sure

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A guy can wish :man_shrugging:

You can do it with a pi, HA and maker API. Only thing stopping is time. Took me a while to play around with HA but it's amazing for logs, trends and graphs.

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Fair, had a little pootle with the homebridge app and have it running at the moment. Not a massive fan of having multiple devices (Hubitat and Pi) running if i really don’t need it, I know they are not massive energy guzzlers but still :man_shrugging:

Here's mine. We use this mostly for monitoring in the kitchen and master bath and rarely on our phones (with a little zooming and panning). Sometimes it's nice to turn a light on or off, but otherwise this is just for monitoring.

There's a ton of stuff not listed that just works silently in the background to trigger and assist webCoRE pistons. Smoke, CO, leak detectors, door sensors, motion sensors, cameras, etc.

Garage Timer: Our garage automatically opens on arrival and closes 8 minutes later. The timer just displays how long until it closes. If the garage is opened manually (not by an arrival event), it won't close automatically unless we both leave.

Office Tomorrow & Traffic Light: The traffic light displays green, yellow, or red based on traffic on my wife's commute. Office Tomorrow is a virtual switch allowing or preventing that light to turn on in our bedroom at 5:20am. If she's working from home, it doesn't go on. She works a regular weekly office schedule, so the switch turns on and off automatically with a rule, but we can switch it manually for holidays and other schedule changes.

Mousetrap: I taped a vibration sensor to a snap trap. Once tripped, I get a notification and the switch turns off the notifications until I reset the trap and turn notifications back on.

Clock: That's just a variable tile displaying the time without seconds. It gets updated once per minute.

Weather: Weather Underground map. Rachio Community weekly forecast. It will also indicate which days the sprinklers will run.

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I built mine out using Home Remote Designer. I just posted my design on their forums (My Hubitat Focused Showcase Project - Showcase - The Home Remote Community), but figured I'd post it here too.

One of the screenshots I took of how I utilize Hubitat:


I can't leave well enough alone. I think this is how it will be now for a while. I revamped a lot of the CSS so it loads a lot faster.


Nice choice of colours, a more subtle palette.

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Love seeing what everyone has done with innovative dashboards here. I’m still using my HousePanel app for my home dashboard. I gave up making it available to others but I still love using it for myself.


Nice. One question. What's a fake TV?

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A fake TV is basically just a set of LEDs that project a constantly changing set of colors that, when projected on a far wall or through some blinds/curtains, looks like the glow from a television, giving the illusion that you're home. I actually sat outside and tested it against a real television, and I couldn't tell the difference. I've got it hooked in through a smart plug so I can run it automatically when we're not home or asleep.


Inspired by @Vettester up above with his HA dashboard and a youtube video that gave me some further ideas. Using HA for the first time, so partly a learning experience on how to bring the data in from Hubitat. Still need to make some tweaks and additions, but what I have so far. A main page, along with pages for rooms.


Here is my dashboard. I have 3 of them installed throughout the house. I tapped into light switches and installed recessed outlets right above them. I'm using Sharptools as the dashboard, and it works great. Using amazon 10" fire tablets and mounts from amazon. The Cameras button leads to Blue Iris web ui, and the Menu button lists all of the rooms and the rest of the devices that are in them like lights, locks, vacuums, water valves, etc. I tried importing all the devices into Home Assistant and using Lovelace, but I chose to stick with Sharptools because it's way nicer.


This has become much much much more polished and finished looking. I even still have room to expand.

Switches and "ghosted" when off and bright orange when on
Buttons are purple
Info is blue


How the heck do y'all make such cool dashboards? Custom css?

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Mostly just patience and some plug in apps.

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That's pretty sweet Mark, I wish I could convince myself that I don't need to have instant access to every single device on the screen......but I can't.

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It took me a while and several phases of evolution to get to that point. I totally understand what you are talking about.

I also just finished installing the new tablet!
Makes by Mike flush mount with bare wood trim to stain later


Hours of obsession over CSS is a more accurate description.