Show Off Your Dashboards!

My turn! My turn!

I'm pretty new to this, but I had a lot of fun snapping photos of my devices, uploading them into Hubitat's File Manager, and setting up scenes for my lights. Using Smartly Inject because who doesn't love drag and drop? Enjoy:


Just started with HE a month ago. My first post here!
My dashborboard


Nice! Clean and functional.

And welcome to the community!


Last time I checked, most people were using/recommending Fully Kiosk browser along with Dakboard. Are these still the favourites of most people here or there are better alternatives available now.
I am setting up 5x tablets and Fully is okay but I can't justify $30/month for Dakboard so I am now looking for alternatives.

If you are using android tablets, then I would suggest looking at [RELEASE] Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app

Currently it is free and the developer is very responsive.

Looks good. Will give it a go. Couple of tablets I am using are quite old and it supports going back to 4.3 which is great.

I also have an iPad so is there any recommendation for that?

What are you using dakboard for? MagicMirror would be an open source alternative.

Just for screensaver and turn off the screen. Looking at MagicMirror now. I think this will do what I need.

Speaking in the context of Amazon Fire tablets for dashboards, if you are using Fully and intend for your screen to go dark unless you are standing in front of it, then Dakboard is unnecessary.

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Did Dakboard drop their free tier? I'm using it for Free to display pics from a Google Photos album. On motion, it kicks over to Fully and then from 11pm-6am, the screen is turned off automatically.

On the website, it says only for one screen and will show branding but I haven't tried recently.

Many of the dashboards here have what looks like video feeds. I have Unifi Protect with 6 cameras. Is there a way to get the video from them on a tile??

Set it up and tried the free option and it works well. I can show the same dakboard screen on all displays which is fine and the logo is very small so I don't mind it.

I have also setup the magic mirror on a RPi so will give it a try once I have learnt how to customise it.

I originally set it up the same way and liked it but the one in the corridor and bedroom became a nuisance as they keep changing between screensaver and dashboard so I have set it to change when touched.

I have also setup the bedroom one to turn screen off at night but what if I want to use it. Mine doesn't wake up when touched. Do you know if there is a way to do it?

I agree with Pantheon. Very helpful developer. Android app works very well.

+1 for magicmirror

Looks great like the wood mount, I have two iPads deployed myself with ActionTiles from my HE. What connector are you using for iPad power (round sliver thing)?

Thanks! Iā€™m using a u cable. You can find on AliExpress

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What route are you using to have the screen turn off on a schedule? I have fully aswell

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