Show off your coolest automation and RM rules


HE is getting very established in the US as the #1 automation platfrom!
I bet that we newcommers over the pond can get some really great inspiration and learn from what others have created of automations.

What better place to show off how much cool automation one can do, by sharing this with fellow HE fans! Share with us all how its really done... Hehe

Do you want to share?
Please feel free to copy your best automation setup and RM rules you are proud of in this thread.
I bet there is a lot of very practical and fun stuff out there, so why not share what YOU have created and been able to accomplish!

This will be fun, I bet!

Just in case you missed it there is an 'Example Rules' category.

I agree it is a great idea though.
Why invent the wheel when somebody has already done it. :smile:

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Ah, missed that thread.

Let’s still see if anyone like to share their fun and crazy automations and different scenarios they have come up with. Might be out of this world and a lot of fun stuff though. :-):grin::hugs:

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