Show Dakboard we want Hubitat Integration!

Hey everyone,

If anyone uses Dakboard at home as their Smart Home Display of choice, please show your enthusiasm for proper Hubitat integration here:

Currently I have a workaround using HubConnect to mirror my devices (Hubitat <-> SmartThings <-> Dakboard). Its not great as there is some lag and this solution wont work for much longer (Groovy to be sunset on SmartThings this year?).

I may just move on from Dakboard and look for something else entirely but figured I would give it a shot.

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I am using Dakboard as my primary dashboard. What features are you looking for that you cannot otherwise achieve with Maker API? I don't think you need to use HubConnect + SmartThings to add Hubitat devices to Dakboard.

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Nothing special really, just status updates for some locks and sensors. No automations/commands through Dakboard.

Any chance you can share a link?

Then all you need is Maker API, and you'd have SmartThings like integration via "External Data /JSON" module:


You can even use their Gauge tiles with Maker API, here is an example:



This is great, thank you.

I wish I could hide/disable "commands" entirely and just expose attributes.

@bobbyD Can you provide a little more information on this?

I can't put a JSON request in with a local IP? What do you put in to return values to display on DAKboard? Thanks.

You need to use the cloud end point of Maker API, unfortunately.

Sorry, I am not sure what to do here? I use the JSON calls inside my network at home to send controls back and forth. But not sure what to do for Dakboard since it is external? I thought I would just redirect the port through my firewall but that doesn't seem to work as I think it is being blocked in a recent update for security reasons.

So what exactly do I put in the URL field in Dakboard?

For now, I am trying to display the number of people home which is stored in a virtual variable. Thanks.

I've been using DakBoard since the very beginning of my home automation journey with Smart things. I've only been using it as a screen saver that our wall tablet loads. I had never seen much need to investigate what else it could do. This is awesome info. I might have to play around with it now!

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You need to create a virtual device then authorize the device with Maker API. Then grab the cloud link for your device and put it in the URL of your Dakboard. The link would be something like this:[your Hub ID]/apps/[your Maker API app id]/devices/[Device ID]?access_token=[your access token]

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Funny, you just caught me actually updating my living room dashboard...


Thanks - I didn't know there was a endpoint. I have only used it on my local network and I never stopped to think how Sharptools and others access my Hubitat.

Nice clean dashboard. I just started using Dakboard. I use Sharptools for all of my touchscreens and using Dakboard just for the screensaver. I am doing it primarily for the photo slideshow handling - my touchscreens are large and it looks great.

So I thought I could add an information ribbon with status elements from Hubitat across the bottom.

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Dakboard is great as informational interface, not so much for touching things. Mine is basically a (fancy) wall clock :slight_smile:

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Agreed. I am trying to use the JSON to elegantly display who is home. I have had some limited success. I can display the value stored in the presence device - "present" or "not present". I set up rules to change the icon based on the value. This all displays fine in the editor but on my screens it just shows the value. It seems that the only forum is on reddit so I am going to post there for more help. But the endpoint is working. Thanks