Should I use Fibaro Dimmer 2?

Hi folks,

I have a couple of Fibaro Dimmer 2s that I'm not sure if I should try to use or not with C7. I've only got a zigbee mesh in play at the moment, but I have a couple of those dimmers that I picked up on sale.

I've read issues with S0 / S2 supportability. What's everyone's advice? Should I avoid trying to use them, and just sell them on?

I'm looking at some in-wall zigbee switches at the moment for that purpose instead.


I have 15 of the dimmer 2's in a mesh of 45 zwave devices and i like them, you can use the second switch oulet as a scene controller which is quite handy.

I have some connect with S0 and some with no security.
Im slowly moving them all over to no security as i have a secondary controller, not that ive noticed any difference.

Are you using them on the C-7 gary?

Yep on a C7

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I thought there was some kind of restriction with 700 chip that meant they couldn't pair to the C7 with no security though.

It only pairs with S0 with the C7, i have a aeotec zwave controller that i use to pair with no security.
I haven't noticed any difference and about half mine are S0 now.

I'm guessing that you can't update the firmware to support s2 either. A number of people have reported issues with s0 devices, but i also don't want the hassle.

I'm thinking that i've answered my question though. I was initially planning on a z-wave mesh for switches, only because of lack of zigbee options, but now that the zigbee stuff is more available I'll just stick with that.

No you cannot update the Fibaro firmware without a Fibaro controller and that would require excluding the device from HE > including on Fibaro Home Centre > updating > excluding > re including on HE. That still wouldn't get you S2 on them. It's been a long time since there was a firmware update for the Dimmer 2's - all of mine (14) are on V 3.5 and are rock solid - I've had no issues with them.

After finding out on this forum the potential issues with S0 pairing I got an Aeotec stick. I use that as a secondary controller and paired them all without security. Once you've carried out the procedure for including excluding the secondary controller once or twice, it's plain sailing.

How do you setup and use a secondary controller? Is it still part of the same mesh?

I paired around half-a-dozen Dimmer 2s with my C7 around a year ago when I migrated from Smartthings; the Dimmers themselves were purchased over a several year period before then, and have never had a firmware update.

A little fiddly to get into pairing mode in the first place, but TBH I've always found that to be the case with Fibaro devices, on Smartthings as well as Hubitat. Once paired everything worked smoothly, with the only bump being the "swap S1 and S2" setting I wanted to apply on one Dimmer but couldn't find a driver to support. Rather than start any fiddly driver code editing I finished up temporarily switching to the basic Z-Wave tool, editing the appropriate parameter's value, then switching back to a "proper" driver and that sorted things.

You install the Si Labs Simplicity Suite software and run the Z Wave Controller app. You then include the Z Stick (Aeotec or similar) using that software onto your Hubitat. Once that's done you can use the PC Controller software for inclusion and it includes the device onto the Hubitat as well - so yes it's all part of the same mesh. There are some great instructions on here I used to use. Now I've done it a few times it's second nature and no trouble at all. I'll see if I can locate the post with the instructions....

....Here you go. It's related to ghost removal but the details are in there as well:

After the instructions for how to install the PC Controller software (a module of the Simplicity Suite) - look for this heading in the FAQ section of the linked document for how to join devices "Can I add devices to my hub without SO or S2 security?". I was concerned about doing it but the instructions are excellent and it is fairly simple - take it slow and keep reading. I paired the Fibaro ZW5 and a Zooz ZSE29 to a C-7 with no security yesterday.

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Once I'd completed it a few times it's a doddle and I no longer need the instructions. Include Z Stick on HE > include device with PC Controller > exclude Z Stick on HE.

Of course it's not just the Fibaro Dimmer 2 that needs this procedure on the C7 - it's any ZW5 device that doesn't have S2. So I've needed it a good few times.

So you don't have to have the stick as part of the mesh constantly? Only to get the device included to the mesh?

Correct. When I first got mine I left it connected and kept it in the same place ready for next use. The Aeotec one has a rechargeable battery inside that charges off the USB when connected. Now I tend to exclude it again after use. As I've said it's a simple enough process once you get used to it.

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