Short intro

Hi all, i thought it was time for a short introduction after a few weeks of owning a Hubitat C7.

I am a seasoned smarthome enthousiast, one day started out with a Vera 1, followed by a Fibaro HC2, several Homebridge/Hoob implementations, Home Assistant and some less known hubs.

I have an interest in niche automations related to Home environment (ventilation, temperature, air quality etc) and power metering (Electricity, P1 metering, modbus etc).

Being an Apple eco system enthousiast, i found it troublesome to get a unified UI that all family members could easily reach and use.

Hubitat came in to play when the HomeKit integration became available, opening the gate to integrating Zwave and Zigbee devices into HomeKit.

While my C7 arrived around Xmas last year, i was able to set it up over the holidays and set it up for some experiments.

I soon tried my first steps with some old Zwave stuff i had lying around for years (mostly plugs) and hence my interest in looking for firmware updates as this is an issue for multi platform users.

After that i started looking for the local use of Zigbee (3.0) devices and looking for integrating these with Homekit via Hubitat.

I would like to thank @kkossev @thebearmay @gopher.ny @rlithgow1 for their guidance and support during the last few weeks on my first steps and especially the HomeKit integrations. I learn a lot from you guys.

Special thanks to @mike.maxwell and @bobbyD for their help on the native Hubitat Zigbee firmware releases and their feedback while updating.

Last but not least, some fellow users like @aaiyar, @sburke781 , @ogiewon and @syepes . I appreciate the discussions, feedback and mutual likes.
Sorry, there are more i would like to mention, but i am only allowed 10 mentions :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So as i embarked on the Hubitat journey, i hope to be able to help others as well. If anyone has questions on Zigbee, basic networking, Zwave, Homekit integration or alike, ill be glad to help as far as my experience reaches.




Welcome to the community!
I am happy I could have helped in any way, HE requires some time to really see all it's inner power :slight_smile:


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