Shock Sensors

I noticed that Shock Sensors are supported as part of Safety Monitor. I couldn't find any specific call out in the devices wiki. Did I miss them? If not any recommendations on supported schock sensors? Thanks!

There is this one. We used this to test HSM and build the driver. Cannot attest to its quality.

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Bruce are you aware that for months there are issues with making a dashboard tile trying to utilize the GLASS BREAK template? I installed the Gocontrol glass break detector and everything installed fine. I then went to the dashboard to add it utilizing the Glass break template and no tile appears and its not just me. One Community member suggested using ATTRIBUTES as the template then choose SHOCK and a tile appears with CLEAR appearing. I wouldn't mind using this but wanted to make sure I'd see some representation in my dashboard that glass had been broken if that were the case.

Would appreciate some clarification as to the Glass break template in Dashboard and if using ATTRIBUTES will in affect respond to glass breaking.

No, was not aware of that. We will look into it.

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