Shelly RGBW2&HE integration with Google Home

Has anyone else tried to link Shelly to GH through HE 2.2.5?
I am trying this with RGBW2 v1.5.6, HE and a Nest Mini Assistant, but keep getting this error on HE logs:
The following devices are not supported by Google Home and will be removed from your device list:[a,b,c]
I had them previously connected this way on 2.2.4 but then switched to cloud connection (Shelly & Google) for a while. Now, on 2.2.5, I can't revert because the same Shelly driver is not supported by GH anymore.
I have rebooted all involved devices, unlinked & relinked the Hubitat account in Google several times, with no success! I've also tried this after removing the Shelly cloud link from Google.
Any advice?

@Evilborg, do you have any beta drivers that I can test for this?

sent in PM

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