Shelly power plug s no power meter

Like in the topic I've recently added 2 shelly plug s's one of them spawned a child device for power metering the other did not... I've added the device as native Shelly wifi switch and then moved to @Evilborg driver any clue why one has a child device and other doesn't?

I have no control over the native hubitat drivers. Tagging @mike.maxwell -- Mike created the driver that spawns the child devices.. mine dont

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Do both of them support power metering?

Yes they are the same both with power meter. Tried to remove and add it couple times but no luck with the child device. It should show up immediately after selecting hubitat driver right? I didn't notice the child device on the 1st working plug right away think about adding it to Your driver @Evilborg :smiley: it didn't refresh on dashboard

it will create the child device after the preferences are saved, it first checks the device config response and creates the appropriate child device based on that response.

Well for some reason it did not.

2023-04-28 23:28:59.770errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: A device with the same device network ID exists, Please use a different DNI on line 167 (method configHandler)

dev:382023-04-28 23:28:59.467warndescription logging is: true

dev:382023-04-28 23:28:59.466warndebug logging is: true

dev:382023-04-28 23:28:59.465infoupdated...

dev:382023-04-28 23:28:31.832infosendEvent Device FW is current

dev:382023-04-28 23:28:31.743infoMax power is set to 0 Watts

dev:382023-04-28 23:28:31.742infoDeviceName is null

dev:382023-04-28 23:28:30.600infoMax power is set to 0 Watts

dev:382023-04-28 23:28:30.598infoDeviceName is null

dev:382023-04-28 23:28:30.499infosendEvent Device FW is current

dev:382023-04-28 23:28:30.399infoMax power is set to 0 Watts