Shelly HE Driver - Status Issues

Im always facing problems with shelly stock drivers in hubitat, sometimes i stop being able to control some of the shelly devices from the application or a dashboard, the status or power meter dont show or dont update. A refresh for the driver would help.
I need a constant status refresh for the shelly devices, I tried to create a rule for this to refresh all shelly devices on a constant time change but seems like its overkilling the hub.
Also the shelly devices are not updating the energy on change for some reason. I have to refresh the device to make that happen.
Is there a fix for this?
Thank you in advance.

For the status issue :
If it is sometimes I guess it is a connection issue between the device and hub.
I had an issue in the past, when I switched the device, there was a restart of the device, in that situation the status was incorrect
if it is always:
Problems with Shelly 2.5 switch stock driver - :bellhop_bell: Get Help - Hubitat

For the energy I use a rule in a specifiek situation when the device is ON every X time a refresh is done. But you have to ask the question, do you really need this information every X time?

Thank you for the reply.
Of course the information is needed for real time monitoring and for rules creation and automations based on energy states. Refreshing the devices in a timely manner, as i mentioned before, is overkilling the hub. I tried Shelly community drivers and seems they work better with statuses being updated.
Shouldnt a hubitat native shelly driver be able to provide better integration than a community driver?

I prefere the hubitat native drivers for the gen 1 devices because the tiles reacting faster, by default is the status synchronize in both directions and you can use buttons on it, push, double push and long push, off course only for the old shelly models