Shelly dimmer startlevelchange not working

I just installed a Shelly dimmer 2 I have it turning on and off via pico. I can set level via the device menu. But I cannot get startlevelchange up or down to work via rule machine or from the device menu.

Any ideas all help appreciated.

I suspect that it might not support that command - especially if it doesn’t work from the device page.

You could set the button to lower/raise the dimmer level by set number with every press. This can be done in Rule Machine (RM).

This app also works very well for this:

So I really enjoy that button app, it makes setting up a pico much easier. But still it will not adjust the dimming levels. Dim up, or dim down, or dim until released will not work with my Shelly dimmers.

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I got dim up and dim down to work. But dim until released still does not work.

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Not all devices support the ability to dim until release. I am not familiar with the Shelly Dimmer, but it might be the case.

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