Shelly dimmer and relay gear

Hi Fellas,

Haven't been on in a while. Just moved into my new family home and looking to start my home project.

Looking to start with some simple lighting then move on to motion sensors.

I’m looking at purchasing 17 Shelly 1 relays and 3 Shelly dimmers.

I was looking to pick them up from

I have bought stuff from them in the past. Tried to email Tim the chap that works there for advice but no email reply. So I thought I would try a better source of truth the community.

Anyway this is what I’m looking at

Any tips on other places to pick these up from?

Also is the integration and setup simple into the system and using it.

It needs to pass the all important wife test when I comes to practical usage. I was running hue in my last house and it was a bit of an issue with the wife and getting the hang of it.

Thanks guys any help is super appreciated !!


These guys are great, I’ve been buying gear from them for years.

Their after sales support is excellent too, they’ve replaced failed, but out of warranty, gear for me without any hassle a couple of times.

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