Shelly - 7 New Products - June 4 16:00 GMT - FYI

June 2020

Shelly is going LIVE!
Save the date! We are thrilled to invite you to tune in with our team on the 4th of June , this Thursday, on Shelly's Official YouTube channel . Our Shelly team is preparing an exclusive LIVE video for you!

4th of June, Thursday


The YouTube live stream will start at 16:00 GMT . During the broadcast, we will present 7 NEW Shelly devices ! You can't wait, can you? We are very excited too!

Additionally, we will be sharing some amazing news about Shelly and a BIG announcement ! There will be a Q&A , too, and we will try to answer all of your questions.

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Thank you, guys, one more time for being so amazing!

We appreciate your support!

Your Shelly Team

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Some great new products! I really like the Dimmer 2. We recently had some dimmable LED downlights installed and this would be perfect.

We have some deaf people here .. will you be willing to enable the auto generate closed captioning on your youtube account?


I don't think he is associated with Shelly. I think he is just a Hubitat user like the rest of us.

Oh ok .. I will PM them on YouTube Thanks!

ugh ... the contact page on thier website isn't working, If anyone know who they are, please relay that message that their contact us form is broken and if they would also be willing to turn on auto generate closed captioning on thier youTube account.

Shelly 1L burnt out in half an hour. Its not safe.

Interesting... What type of load did you have connected to it?

16W 2D bulb

Is that a fluorescent bulb? Depending on the type of fixture, it may not be compatible with many smart switches/relays. I would only use a dry-contact relay device for any fluorescent lighting.

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Wrong It is supported according the manual.

Interesting... I would reach out to the Shelly folks directly, and share your experience/data. I am sure they would like to understand exactly what happened.