Shelly 2 PM as a roller/shutter DRIVER

Good evening, until now I was using my shelly 2.5 with the driver for the blinds. Some of my shelly 2.5 have died and are being changed to shelly 2 pm as a roller. Would this old driver be ideal or is there another one for these new devices? I am not able to find them.



Do you mean Shelly Plus/Pro 2 PM or just Shelly 2 PM?

For Shelly Plus/Pro series you can check this thread

Mentioned driver has 'cover' support and were tested by few community members. If while trying you'll find any issues let me know)

My device is Shelly Plus 2 PM as roller.

Another problem I have is that it does not return the value in which it is positioned to shelly for the panels and rules.