Shelly 1 With External Temperature Sensor - Working But Can't Find Temperatures

I've got my Shelly 1 connected with the add-on temperature board wired up to 3 probe sensors. Everything is working correctly except I can't see the temperature data in HE. I can turn the switch on and off from HE. I think the temp data is even being pulled into HE because I see what looks like the 3 different temperatures in the log but if I try to create a new rule that uses a temperature sensor as an input, I only see the Shelly 1 as a single device.

Do I need to set up some additional channels or something?

Using this driver:

thanks in advance,

just noticed these errors when not filtering on my shelly 1 device. Not sure if they are related. Also, I don't know why "Use external sensor" is unless it's the obvious external sensor add-on board.

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