Shelly 1 With External Temperature Sensor - Working But Can't Find Temperatures

I've got my Shelly 1 connected with the add-on temperature board wired up to 3 probe sensors. Everything is working correctly except I can't see the temperature data in HE. I can turn the switch on and off from HE. I think the temp data is even being pulled into HE because I see what looks like the 3 different temperatures in the log but if I try to create a new rule that uses a temperature sensor as an input, I only see the Shelly 1 as a single device.

Do I need to set up some additional channels or something?

Using this driver:

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just noticed these errors when not filtering on my shelly 1 device. Not sure if they are related. Also, I don't know why "Use external sensor" is unless it's the obvious external sensor add-on board.

New to Hubitat and am trying to get my Shelly 1 with temp sensors working as well. I'm attempting to use the Maker API to get the temp sensor data from the Shelly. Using this url, http://{{hubitatIp}}/apps/api/47/devices/9?access_token={{hubitatAccessToken}} in Postman I get back JSON that has the 3 temperature sensor attributes but the current value is not set. I suspect this is related to the issue you describe.

{ "name": "ext2_temperature",
"currentValue": null,
"dataType": "NUMBER"

I have fixed the issue, the 'Shelly Switch Relay' driver has an issue in the external sensors section of code. The code improperly checks for an 'ext_switch' attribute in the response from the device. I don't know what this 'ext_switch' attribute is for as the add-on sensor only adds on temperature capabilities that I can tell.

If you open the 'Shelly Switch Relay' driver in Hubitat for, I have version 3.0.9, and go to line 496 comment it out and adding a new check as shown below on line 497 and save it this should resolve the issue.

The 'Shelly Switch Relay' has been updated on GitHub

Hey @mikee, solid work, thanks for the fix. My Shelly1 is sealed up inside an in-progress ceiling on some new construction (will be using it to monitor some water pipes) but I'll look forward to trying this out when I find it.

awesome, confirmed working now. Thanks @mikee !

one question (not related to the fix) my "state variables" is still showing some old driver info. I updated the driver and it's working but it's still showing me some old version info. Not important, just curious.

There was another update to the driver on Github made after mine so I suspect you don't have the latest. This was my first time coding a Hubitat driver and I missed updating the version setting.

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