Shelly 1 button driver and connectivity

Hi Chaps,

Just looking around at a few ideas to start to design my new home project. Has anyone has success with the below Shelly 1 button.

It would be used for a additional button in a room to turn the lights off in my daughters room and also a few additional button dimmers for lamps in my media room.

Any advice is appreciated guys.


Should be compatible. Create virtual device then switch to shelley driver and put in the ip of the device (make sure you set a dhcp reservation for it)

There isn't a built-in Shelly Button1 driver, at least as far as I know. You'll need one from the community.

I thought there was a native one. My bad

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Plenty of ZigBee button options. I love the old smartthings now aeotec button for that purpose as well.

Great super easy mate. Great tip !


Here are my comments on the Shelly Button 1. I have removed them from service due to rapid connects to Wifi was causing delays before commands were sent to be processed by Hubitat. Other than that if you had a single button press etc and didn't have to do anything within the next minute with the button it worked great.

The issue is my use case was to use the button on the night stand and at night I would hit the button to bring up the lights a bit and then a few seconds later hit it gain to turn the lights off. I would get 8 to 10 seconds before the button would reconnect to WiFi and the command was received.

My use case did pivot after I posed this:

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