Sharptools or Rule Machine?

Which is better for making Rules?

SharpTools 'Rules' are going to be run from the SharpTools cloud server, I believe.
Rule Machine 'Rules' are run locally on the Hubitat hub.

Both have their Pros and Cons, but most users try to keep automations running locally on their hub to reduce cloud dependencies.


webCoRE. :wink:

Joking aside it's all down to preference.
Some people are using Node RED and love it. Personally I've never tried it.
I love webCoRE as I find it easier to use. Having said that I have very few pistons now as I have converted most to Simple Automations, Motion and Mode Lighting and RM.
Once you get your head round RM you will find a few things like "why is it designed that way, wouldn't xxx be easier", but now I know my way around it, most of the time, it is relatively easy to use.

As for Sharptools, I know nothing about it so cannot comment if it is better or not.
All I know is that I can do everything I want using the free in built apps.

Good luck on whatever path you choose to go down. :+1:


Node-red > WebCoRE >= RM > SharpTools

Just my opinion. YMMV.

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