Dashboard and Rule Engine

I sent you PM asking for more details. :grinning:

Ok, feel like a idiot. In the mess of trying to figure out how to use hubitat and rules machine and move over items from ST, I over looked that ST anything uses the sensor as 2 different child devices, 1 of temp and another for humidity. I didn't give sharptools authorization to the humidity device...

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Thanks for the update! Happens to us all - glad to hear you figured it out. :grin:

is there any way to display a global variable from rules machine in a tile? or use a variable to trigger a tile attribute like label, color, or image...

Basically, similar to a tile for what mode a hub is in. I have 3 different "modes" for my vThermostat (night, weekday, and normal), I'd like a tile showing which of the 3 is currently active.

I did find a workaround, to have a tile display a sting of my choosing by using a vTemp sensor and making a tile that displays temp attribute. then just setting the temp to a whatever string in rule machine..image

As you noted, the Hero Attribute tiles in SharpTools are probably the best way to handle this. They can display the value of any attribute.

It sounds like the Virtual Temperature sensor allows you to set a string for the temperature (which is quite interesting!) and is a decent workaround. :slight_smile:

Let me see if I can put together a quick virtual device driver that can be used for setting arbitrary values.

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Here's a device driver that can be used for setting a variety of values (text, number) which can then be used in dashboards.

To use it with Hubitat's Rule Machine global variables, you could create a triggered rule which watches for your desired variable to change and then copies the value from the variable into one of the devices supported commands.

For example, in the following Rule, I'm watching for the MyText global variable to change and then using the Notify capability of the Virtual Values device to set the text attribute.

And here it is in action directly from the device:


random thought... this also just gave me a means of passing on a variable between hubitat and ST..


Hi @jmrwbilly I saw you message on FB and wanted to reply here to get more details.

i'm thinking about changing the driver for the vThermostat. As I mentioned in the forums, i have the 3 modes, night, weekday, and normal. I thinking off changing the fan mode commands to handle which of these modes to use rather than the global variable I'm currently using. If i were to change this, would my naming of the attributes be reflected in the "adjust model" or are the names/titles all predetermined in sharptools?

Can you clarify what you have setup and what the functional goal is? I'm assuming that vThermostat is referring to a Virtual Thermostat driver... but it's not clear to me what the three night, weekday, and normal modes are, how they are used, or what they are tied to?

Regarding the question about fan modes, see my response on a similar question from a bit further up in the thread :):

ok here it goes, haha.. my current setup i have a "master" virtual thermostat that does the actual controlling to the heat/ac. instead of schedules to adjust set points and such. i use 3 other virtual thermostats for each "mode" (nighttime, weekday when away and the normal). Each one uses a different temp sensor (for example, night time uses the average of the bedroom sensors on the 2nd floor, rather than 1 floor rooms), and obviously each has different setpoints for heat and cooling. The set points (temp, heat and cooling) of the "master" thermostat reflect the same set points of the "mode" thermostat. I currently use a global variable as my condition to determine which "mode" thermostat to copy its attributes. Currently I'm using various triggers to set the said variable (ie goodnight routine changes variable to night, arming the alarm during a weekday changes to weekday..). I've found this as a nice clean way of adjusting heating and cooling setpoints in different "modes" without needing to adjust in rules machine, which made my wife happy lol

I'm just thinking, use the fan function since i don't use anyway, as a means to show the current mode, and also manually override the current mode without executing any of the triggers. and then could also use the attribute in place of a global variable

The idea came to me after running across a post where a guy used a garage opener DH as a way to cycle through 4 different states rather than just on/off..3 or more state virtual "button"? - Projects & Stories - SmartThings Community

Very cool. So the 'mode' (global variable) tells the Master Virtual Thermostat which of the 'child'/'mode' thermostats to copy its attributes from?

Are all of the attributes copied and is it a two-way sync? For example, do you still have to change things in the child thermostats... or you can make a change in the Master thermostat and it will sync the change down to the active 'mode' thermostat?

So the goal is to:

  1. Display the current thermostat 'mode' visually
  2. Provide an interface for changing the thermostat 'mode'

If so, it sounds like the Thermostat Fan Mode could be a good approach. Do you not actually use the underlying Fan Mode of your thermostat though? (eg. Auto, Circulate, Off)


No i purposely didn't want it to sync 2 ways(the heating and cooling set points). But it does copy all the attributes initially when mode changes, then only maintains the temp measurement. that way you can temporarily override a heating/ cooling setting, and the next trigger it will resume normal settings..

I have my "master" thermostat actually displayed in my normal dashboards.. a have a "utilities" dashboard if you want to adjust the the child "mode" thermostats

No i do not use the fan modes, being the way my setup works i really only have to options, auto and circulate.
I have a arduino board controlling 3 relays that replace my actual thermostat (well, is running parallel to my 'dumb' thermostat as just in case). the normal operation uses auto, and if I want to circulate can just toggle the fan relay/switch

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This was one of the main reason for switching to hubitat from ST.. I had random instances of internet hicups where my webcore piston would fail to fire. With adding heat control to it I wanted everything local for it's operation to be more dependable and not 100% cloud based

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It sounds like if you are using supportedthermostatfanmodes, my idea will work perfectly. I can just change the fan modes to fit my needs

We still have to release it first, but yes, I agree! :smiley:

We pushed out another exciting feature release which includes new Calendar tiles and News Feed (RSS) tiles.

Check out the following community post for more details:


What am I missing, that I cannot find "Notify Virtual Values" anywhere????

'Notify' is the action in Rule Machine. 'Virtual Values' is the name of the virtual device created with the virtualValues.groovy device driver I created.

I'll respond to your PM as this isn't directly related to SharpTools (what this thread is about). :grinning:

Hey @josh, not sure this is a bug or not supported but I could only add one HE hub to Sharptools. Adding one will remove the other with the same Hubitat account.

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Thanks for the note - I've replied via PM to get a few more details. Curious if you are able to authorize multiple hubs on any other service connected with Hubitat. :smiley:

Thanks! Looks like Hubitat is the issue and not Sharptools. No go with Amazon and Google Home on multi HE hubs as well.

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