Sharptools Authorization Issue

Over the last few weeks, I have been having issues with the integration between Sharptools and Hubitat failing and my dashboards only show placeholders. To rectify, I would have to go into Sharptools to re-authorize my Hubitat Hub. When I just tried to reauthorize my Hubitat hub today, I receive this error. Anyone else having this issue?

Hi @darlenetboggs - thanks for posting. Were you able to click the link included in the warning message?

It has a pretty good description of what's going on: the short version is that Hubitat's OAuth servers have been experiencing performance issues for the past few weeks which causes issues authorizing Hubitat to resources like SharpTools, Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT and more.

I've included a copy of the link below for reference:

Hubitat OAuth Connection Issues - #2 by josh - (web) - SharpTools Community

As for the placeholders, we released some improvements to the background sync process on Friday that should avoid your location getting deauthorized during background syncs (Friday's post). That being said, if you manually go through the authorization flow, you're still at the mercy of Hubitat's OAuth servers. Some people have mentioned that they've had some success by waiting a few minutes and trying the authorization again.

Yes, I actually saw that post. It took about 10 minutes (including a reboot of my hubitat just to be on the safe side) to get my dashboards up and running again. If the fix to avoid getting deauthorized was in place last Friday, it didn't work for me today....

Thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear that happened. I checked the logs and I see that the fallback process also failed for your account for some reason. We'll get some more logging added, so if it happens again, we'll be able to better understand what happened.

Edit: We've identified the issue that caused the fallback not to work and have pushed an update that should resolve it. Thanks again for reporting!