SharpTools and HE Global Vars


I am new to HE and Sharptools.

How do I expose HE Variables to Sharptools Dashboards?

Also, how do you connect SharpTools to multiple HE Hubs?

Any assistance much appreciated?

Will post on SharpTools Community too.

There's a few different approaches depending on what you are trying to accomplish, but a common solution is to use Virtual Devices to mirror the content of the variable.

The community developed HubConnect tends to be a popular solution. If the hubs are on the same network, you might be able to use the recent Hub Mesh feature.

Ok thanks

I responded on the Sharptools community too.

Got it create virtual devices for global vars then share them over HE mesh to get to Sharptools.

Hopefully Sharptools will be able to support multiple HE hubs natively, until it does we are stacking delays on delays that will make Sharptools rules impractical.