Sharp Tools - General Question

Hi community.
fairly new beginner here. Hopefully without getting someone to devote too much time - is it possible to get an overview of any benefits of running Sharp tools and get some indication what i can do with that vs the other Apps?
Appreciate it.

Hi Mac-
I'd suggest giving both and the built-in dashboard a try. :slight_smile:

SharpTools has some nice features like Calendars, News Feeds, and a focus on ease of use and polish that generally results in nice looking dashboards 'out of the box'.

The built-in dashboards also have some unique features like being super fast while on your LAN and the ability to keep everything within your network if you only need LAN access. (Oh, and it's included with the hub!)

Edit: I should also mention that SMS, Email, and Pushbullet notifications are available natively in the SharpTools Rule Engine. I have several automations that check if doors have been left open or unlocked and send me notifications. Turns out it happens frequently in my household. :open_mouth:

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Thanks for that. I wasn’t certain what sharpntools really was. I will give both a try.
I think for local control having some functionality is a good idea so perhaps i’ll Build some basic functionality and keep the detailed dash boards for sharp tools. But if I read right. You can do some if then control in sharp tools too?

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