Shades in scene

I've seen this discussed a bit before, but want to know if others are thinking about it the same way as me.

I would like to put some Bali shades in a scene. I'm using the "Generic Z-Wave Shade" driver.

That driver is not directly usable in scene (to set position), as it doesn't show up as a dimmer. And, scene doesn't directly support shade (this would be the best option). (It can be used for open/close only as a switch).

I created a virtual shade, and virtual shade can be treaded as a dimmer, and thus can be used in a scene to set position. And, of course, I can create a RM to map the virtual shade to the real one.

But, why should I have to do that? Can we talk about a couple of options?

  1. Why are shades not supported directly in scene, with position setting saved to the scene?
  2. Why is the "Generic Z-Wave Shade" not a dimmer, but the "Virtual Shade" is a dimmer?

Any other ways to do this cleanly that I'm missing?


Use Room Lighting instead of Groups and Scenes. It directly supports shades, and provides the same functionality (plus more).

Perfect, this looks great, thanks.

But, now it's going to be lots more work, as now I want to re-write all my existing scene and button controller rules to use Room Lighting!

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