Shade settings in scenes

This is a feedback/feature request item for Hubitat Support.

Motorized shades currently show up in Scenes as dimmers w/ on/off and level adjustments.

It's not clear how the values apply to shades.

Scene setup should recognize the shade device type and allow for setting open/close and/or state percentage of open as values.

e,g. Set shades to open as part of a sunrise/morning scene. Set shades to closed as part of an evening scene.

I think the issue is how some of the shade control manufacturers have chosen to implement their Z-wave or Zigbee devices. Many of them are implemented using the multilevel switch (dimmer) command class. There are also related issues with how Groups and Scenes functionality has been developed.

The dimmer functions relate to shade control as follows:

  • Level = position (i.e., 75% level = 75% open from the closed position)
  • Off = Close(d)
  • On (as a status) = not closed [I know. It sounds snarky, but it isn't intended.)
  • On (as a command) = Open to the preset position (level) defined in the device configuration. I would verify this, as it could be possible that someone designed it to go the the last open position, like a dimmer.

You can set shades (as dimmers) to open and close based on many events in RM. I have rules to open some of my shades after 08:00 when the luminance outside exceeds 30 lux. I also have a rule that closes shades 45 minutes before sunset. It's pretty cool.


I just set this up in RM but would be great if I can enable shade levels for different scenes. Please let me know if shade positions/states can be added to scenes.