SH signal friendly, non-metallic fire resistant residential electrical boxes

I'm not happy with pvc electrical boxes. In the US, Home Depot still has these available online.


Yeah... the PVC boxes flex too much for my liking. The molded resin boxes like you linked to are much better. My whole house was built with this style.

My house as well, but these aren't popular now due to price, and not often available in many of the big box stores. When adding a popular -but not UL listed- zigbee relay (Sonoff) to a utility room light, I balked at using pvc due to potential flamespread. Digging around in my shed, I found an old Allied Moulded in my inventory. I was a lot more comfortable with that. I decided I needed to replenish my Allied stock and finally found them at an almost reasonable online price at HD.

Years ago, I tested an Allied box with a blowtorch, it held up pretty well.