Severe hub traffic warning

Getting the following warnings no idea how to fix issue.

The message tells you what to do, and helpfully provides links to the appropriate pages. Look to see whether you have an app or driver that's generating inordinate load. Disable it if you can to free up everything else, then try to figure out why its load is so extreme.

Folks here can help with that last bit, but you'll need to at least click into the logs provided.

Itโ€™s seems to be the battery monitoring on my sensors. I donโ€™t see how to make it check the sensors less frequently.

I set the battery notification app to only report certain hours on certain days. Will that help?

Which battery notification app are you using? I use the custom option on Hubitat Safety Manager and don't have the issue you are seeing.

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Iโ€™m using the basic notifier app for sensing the battery status.

Use HSM to monitor battery levels (pick all) . Set threshold for 20% and remove other monitor. You'll be much happier


I will try that thanks.

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