Severe Hub Load

I have had my C7 for a few months now and I keep getting a warning about severe hub load. Not sure what is causing this. I do not have a ton of devices or apps and pretty simple rules.

Do you see any errors in your log?

I wonder if it might be related to a corrupted databaseโ€ฆ If that was the cause, saving a backup locally, doing a soft reset on the hub from http://hubitat.local:8081/ and then restoring the backup would fix that issue.

Weather app would be my guess.

No, I do not see any errors. I looked through the logs and best I can tell nothing is seems wrong, but I am really green with this.

Whenever I had the severe hub alerts it was due to running out of memory. Try setting your event history and state history to 5 and 5 and see it the alert stops happening. You can set this for all devices at once from the logs page under the device tab.


Thanks, I will give it a shot

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A reboot should free up the memory also as least temporarily while you figure out what is causing it.

Did a soft reset and knock on wood no warning yet 24hrs later. Thanks for the advice.

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