Severe hub load, Yeelight integration

Hy guys!

I'm facing a problem since the last update: I'm frequently receiving the message that said the hub is overloaded. The problem seems to be some Yeelight lamps I have, and it is causing the problems with devices and automations not answering and radio fails. Most of my devices are Zigbee, I just have these Yeelight bulbs (13) and an IR blaster connected through wi-fi.

When I restart the hub, the lamps become irresponsible for almost an hour, but the message disappear after that, to return hours later.

Could somebody help me, please?

Follow the logs:

dev:42021-02-17 09:39:46.442 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:92021-02-17 09:38:44.145 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:92021-02-17 09:38:44.145 debugts- ct:1613565524144, lhb: 1613565522327, age: 1817

dev:92021-02-17 09:38:44.144 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:82021-02-17 09:38:44.109 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:82021-02-17 09:38:44.108 debugts- ct:1613565524108, lhb: 1613565522327, age: 1781

dev:82021-02-17 09:38:44.107 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:52021-02-17 09:38:44.055 errorTelnet connect failed, trying again in 120 seconds...

dev:52021-02-17 09:38:44.055 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:190

dev:52021-02-17 09:38:44.054 debuginitialize error: No route to host (Host unreachable)

dev:132021-02-17 09:38:42.020 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:72021-02-17 09:38:32.325 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:72021-02-17 09:38:32.324 debugts- ct:1613565512324, lhb: 1613565181329, age: 330995

dev:72021-02-17 09:38:32.323 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:62021-02-17 09:38:32.288 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:62021-02-17 09:38:32.287 debugts- ct:1613565512287, lhb: 1613565400093, age: 112194

dev:62021-02-17 09:38:32.283 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:52021-02-17 09:38:32.261 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:189

dev:52021-02-17 09:38:32.260 debugts- ct:1613565512260, lhb: 1613543192269, age: 22319991

dev:52021-02-17 09:38:32.259 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:188

dev:42021-02-17 09:38:32.237 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:42021-02-17 09:38:32.236 debugts- ct:1613565512236, lhb: 1613565093411, age: 418825

dev:42021-02-17 09:38:32.235 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:32021-02-17 09:38:32.211 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:32021-02-17 09:38:32.210 debugts- ct:1613565512210, lhb: 1613565187209, age: 325001

dev:32021-02-17 09:38:32.209 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:22021-02-17 09:38:32.178 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:22021-02-17 09:38:32.177 debugts- ct:1613565512177, lhb: 1613565399932, age: 112245

dev:22021-02-17 09:38:32.177 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:12021-02-17 09:38:32.153 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:12021-02-17 09:38:32.152 debugts- ct:1613565512152, lhb: 1613565399050, age: 113102

dev:12021-02-17 09:38:32.151 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:132021-02-17 09:38:32.120 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:132021-02-17 09:38:32.119 debugts- ct:1613565512119, lhb: 1613565187012, age: 325107

dev:132021-02-17 09:38:32.118 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:122021-02-17 09:38:32.093 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:122021-02-17 09:38:32.092 debugts- ct:1613565512091, lhb: 1613565398959, age: 113132

dev:122021-02-17 09:38:32.091 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:112021-02-17 09:38:32.052 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:112021-02-17 09:38:32.051 debugts- ct:1613565512051, lhb: 1613565461880, age: 50171

dev:112021-02-17 09:38:32.050 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:102021-02-17 09:38:32.024 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:102021-02-17 09:38:32.023 debugts- ct:1613565512023, lhb: 1613565399056, age: 112967

dev:102021-02-17 09:38:32.022 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:1392021-02-17 09:37:58.852 infoBanheiro - Sensor de Movimento is inactive

dev:112021-02-17 09:37:41.947 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:82021-02-17 09:36:40.371 warnmethod telnetStatus of device Hall 1 ran for 342,583ms

dev:82021-02-17 09:36:40.362 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:92021-02-17 09:36:40.299 warnmethod telnetStatus of device Bar 3 ran for 342,509ms

dev:92021-02-17 09:36:40.275 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:62021-02-17 09:36:40.169 warnmethod telnetStatus of device Estar 4 ran for 310,024ms

dev:62021-02-17 09:36:40.161 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:22021-02-17 09:36:39.978 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:112021-02-17 09:36:38.957 errorTelnet connection dropped...

dev:112021-02-17 09:36:38.956 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:132021-02-17 09:36:38.948 errorTelnet connection dropped...

dev:132021-02-17 09:36:38.947 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:132021-02-17 09:36:38.946 debugtelnetStatus- error: send error: Broken pipe (Write failed)

dev:112021-02-17 09:36:38.946 debugtelnetStatus- error: send error: Broken pipe (Write failed)

dev:92021-02-17 09:36:32.561 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:92021-02-17 09:36:32.557 debugts- ct:1613565392557, lhb: 1613565246631, age: 145926

dev:92021-02-17 09:36:32.554 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:82021-02-17 09:36:32.514 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:82021-02-17 09:36:32.510 debugts- ct:1613565392510, lhb: 1613565306762, age: 85748

dev:82021-02-17 09:36:32.507 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:72021-02-17 09:36:32.466 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:72021-02-17 09:36:32.463 debugts- ct:1613565392462, lhb: 1613565181329, age: 211133

dev:72021-02-17 09:36:32.458 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:62021-02-17 09:36:32.431 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:62021-02-17 09:36:32.431 debugts- ct:1613565392430, lhb: 1613565366894, age: 25536

dev:62021-02-17 09:36:32.430 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:52021-02-17 09:36:32.397 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:189

dev:52021-02-17 09:36:32.393 debugts- ct:1613565392393, lhb: 1613543192269, age: 22200124

dev:52021-02-17 09:36:32.390 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:188

dev:42021-02-17 09:36:32.360 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:42021-02-17 09:36:32.359 debugts- ct:1613565392359, lhb: 1613565093411, age: 298948

dev:42021-02-17 09:36:32.358 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:32021-02-17 09:36:32.319 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:32021-02-17 09:36:32.316 debugts- ct:1613565392315, lhb: 1613565187209, age: 205106

dev:32021-02-17 09:36:32.313 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:22021-02-17 09:36:32.302 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:22021-02-17 09:36:32.291 debugts- ct:1613565392290, lhb: 1613565188646, age: 203644

dev:22021-02-17 09:36:32.287 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:12021-02-17 09:36:32.250 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:12021-02-17 09:36:32.249 debugts- ct:1613565392248, lhb: 1613565190725, age: 201523

dev:12021-02-17 09:36:32.247 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:132021-02-17 09:36:32.204 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:132021-02-17 09:36:32.201 debugts- ct:1613565392200, lhb: 1613565187012, age: 205188

dev:132021-02-17 09:36:32.197 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:122021-02-17 09:36:32.159 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:122021-02-17 09:36:32.156 debugts- ct:1613565392155, lhb: 1613565183505, age: 208650

dev:122021-02-17 09:36:32.152 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:112021-02-17 09:36:32.116 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:112021-02-17 09:36:32.115 debugts- ct:1613565392114, lhb: 1613565190717, age: 201397

dev:112021-02-17 09:36:32.114 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:102021-02-17 09:36:32.102 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:102021-02-17 09:36:32.093 debugts- ct:1613565392093, lhb: 1613565190746, age: 201347

dev:102021-02-17 09:36:32.090 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:6732021-02-17 09:36:14.669 debugUnable to parse message

dev:6732021-02-17 09:36:13.603 debugUnable to parse message

dev:32021-02-17 09:36:08.975 errorTelnet connection dropped...

dev:32021-02-17 09:36:08.974 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:32021-02-17 09:36:08.973 debugtelnetStatus- error: send error: Broken pipe (Write failed)

dev:42021-02-17 09:36:08.968 errorTelnet connection dropped...

dev:42021-02-17 09:36:08.968 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:42021-02-17 09:36:08.966 debugtelnetStatus- error: send error: Broken pipe (Write failed)

dev:52021-02-17 09:36:08.951 errorTelnet connect failed, trying again in 120 seconds...

dev:52021-02-17 09:36:08.951 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:188

dev:52021-02-17 09:36:08.950 debuginitialize error: No route to host (Host unreachable)

dev:62021-02-17 09:36:06.978 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:82021-02-17 09:35:06.831 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:72021-02-17 09:35:05.788 errorTelnet connection dropped...

dev:72021-02-17 09:35:05.788 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:72021-02-17 09:35:05.778 debugtelnetStatus- error: send error: Broken pipe (Write failed)

dev:1412021-02-17 09:35:01.118 infobuttonDown(button=1)

dev:1412021-02-17 09:35:01.081 infosendOpenCloseEvent(openClose=false) invertContact=false

dev:1412021-02-17 09:35:01.061 infomsgMap: [raw:4DC50100060800001000, dni:4DC5, endpoint:01, cluster:0006, size:08, attrId:0000, encoding:10, command:0A, value:00, clusterInt:6, attrInt:0, valueParsed:false]

dev:1412021-02-17 09:35:00.918 infobuttonDown(button=1)

dev:1412021-02-17 09:35:00.894 infobuttonDown(button=1)

dev:1412021-02-17 09:35:00.883 infosendOpenCloseEvent(openClose=false) invertContact=false

dev:1412021-02-17 09:35:00.883 infobuttonDown(button=1)

dev:1412021-02-17 09:35:00.879 infomsgMap: [raw:4DC50100060800001000, dni:4DC5, endpoint:01, cluster:0006, size:08, attrId:0000, encoding:10, command:0A, value:00, clusterInt:6, attrInt:0, valueParsed:false]

dev:1412021-02-17 09:35:00.870 infosendOpenCloseEvent(openClose=false) invertContact=false

dev:1412021-02-17 09:35:00.870 infosendOpenCloseEvent(openClose=false) invertContact=false

dev:1412021-02-17 09:35:00.867 infomsgMap: [raw:4DC50100060800001000, dni:4DC5, endpoint:01, cluster:0006, size:08, attrId:0000, encoding:10, command:0A, value:00, clusterInt:6, attrInt:0, valueParsed:false]

dev:1412021-02-17 09:35:00.855 infomsgMap: [raw:4DC50100060800001000, dni:4DC5, endpoint:01, cluster:0006, size:08, attrId:0000, encoding:10, command:0A, value:00, clusterInt:6, attrInt:0, valueParsed:false]

dev:1412021-02-17 09:34:57.446 infobuttonPushed(button=1)

dev:1412021-02-17 09:34:57.399 infosendOpenCloseEvent(openClose=true) invertContact=false

dev:1412021-02-17 09:34:57.383 infomsgMap: [raw:4DC50100060800001001, dni:4DC5, endpoint:01, cluster:0006, size:08, attrId:0000, encoding:10, command:0A, value:01, clusterInt:6, attrInt:0, valueParsed:true]

dev:92021-02-17 09:34:32.399 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:92021-02-17 09:34:32.398 debugts- ct:1613565272398, lhb: 1613565246631, age: 25767

dev:92021-02-17 09:34:32.398 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:82021-02-17 09:34:32.374 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:82021-02-17 09:34:32.373 debugts- ct:1613565272373, lhb: 1613564808781, age: 463592

dev:82021-02-17 09:34:32.372 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:72021-02-17 09:34:32.349 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:72021-02-17 09:34:32.349 debugts- ct:1613565272348, lhb: 1613565181329, age: 91019

dev:72021-02-17 09:34:32.348 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:62021-02-17 09:34:32.325 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:62021-02-17 09:34:32.324 debugts- ct:1613565272323, lhb: 1613564878140, age: 394183

dev:62021-02-17 09:34:32.323 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:52021-02-17 09:34:32.300 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:187

dev:52021-02-17 09:34:32.299 debugts- ct:1613565272299, lhb: 1613543192269, age: 22080030

dev:52021-02-17 09:34:32.298 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:186

dev:42021-02-17 09:34:32.264 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:42021-02-17 09:34:32.263 debugts- ct:1613565272263, lhb: 1613565093411, age: 178852

dev:42021-02-17 09:34:32.262 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:32021-02-17 09:34:32.237 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:32021-02-17 09:34:32.236 debugts- ct:1613565272236, lhb: 1613565187209, age: 85027

dev:32021-02-17 09:34:32.235 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:22021-02-17 09:34:32.206 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:22021-02-17 09:34:32.205 debugts- ct:1613565272204, lhb: 1613565188646, age: 83558

dev:22021-02-17 09:34:32.204 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:12021-02-17 09:34:32.183 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:12021-02-17 09:34:32.182 debugts- ct:1613565272182, lhb: 1613565190725, age: 81457

dev:12021-02-17 09:34:32.178 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:132021-02-17 09:34:32.161 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:132021-02-17 09:34:32.160 debugts- ct:1613565272160, lhb: 1613565187012, age: 85148

dev:132021-02-17 09:34:32.153 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:122021-02-17 09:34:32.116 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:122021-02-17 09:34:32.115 debugts- ct:1613565272114, lhb: 1613565183505, age: 88609

dev:122021-02-17 09:34:32.114 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:112021-02-17 09:34:32.090 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:112021-02-17 09:34:32.089 debugts- ct:1613565272089, lhb: 1613565190717, age: 81372

dev:112021-02-17 09:34:32.088 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:102021-02-17 09:34:32.023 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:102021-02-17 09:34:32.022 debugts- ct:1613565272022, lhb: 1613565190746, age: 81276

dev:102021-02-17 09:34:32.021 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:92021-02-17 09:34:06.695 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:52021-02-17 09:33:03.383 errorTelnet connect failed, trying again in 120 seconds...

dev:52021-02-17 09:33:03.383 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:186

dev:52021-02-17 09:33:03.382 debuginitialize error: No route to host (Host unreachable)

dev:72021-02-17 09:33:01.417 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:22021-02-17 09:32:35.156 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:92021-02-17 09:32:32.431 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:92021-02-17 09:32:32.430 debugts- ct:1613565152430, lhb: 1613564808790, age: 343640

dev:92021-02-17 09:32:32.429 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:82021-02-17 09:32:32.408 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:82021-02-17 09:32:32.407 debugts- ct:1613565152407, lhb: 1613564808781, age: 343626

dev:82021-02-17 09:32:32.406 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:72021-02-17 09:32:32.387 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:72021-02-17 09:32:32.386 debugts- ct:1613565152386, lhb: 1613565091137, age: 61249

dev:72021-02-17 09:32:32.380 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:62021-02-17 09:32:32.356 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:62021-02-17 09:32:32.355 debugts- ct:1613565152355, lhb: 1613564878140, age: 274215

dev:62021-02-17 09:32:32.354 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:52021-02-17 09:32:32.322 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:187

dev:52021-02-17 09:32:32.321 debugts- ct:1613565152321, lhb: 1613543192269, age: 21960052

dev:52021-02-17 09:32:32.321 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:186

dev:42021-02-17 09:32:32.298 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:42021-02-17 09:32:32.298 debugts- ct:1613565152297, lhb: 1613565093411, age: 58886

dev:42021-02-17 09:32:32.297 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:32021-02-17 09:32:32.271 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:32021-02-17 09:32:32.271 debugts- ct:1613565152270, lhb: 1613565095700, age: 56570

dev:32021-02-17 09:32:32.270 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:22021-02-17 09:32:32.249 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:22021-02-17 09:32:32.247 debugts- ct:1613565152247, lhb: 1613564877044, age: 275203

dev:22021-02-17 09:32:32.246 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:12021-02-17 09:32:32.221 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:12021-02-17 09:32:32.220 debugts- ct:1613565152220, lhb: 1613565093369, age: 58851

dev:12021-02-17 09:32:32.219 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:132021-02-17 09:32:32.184 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:132021-02-17 09:32:32.183 debugts- ct:1613565152183, lhb: 1613565095738, age: 56445

dev:132021-02-17 09:32:32.182 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:122021-02-17 09:32:32.143 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:122021-02-17 09:32:32.142 debugts- ct:1613565152142, lhb: 1613565093278, age: 58864

dev:122021-02-17 09:32:32.141 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:112021-02-17 09:32:32.094 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:112021-02-17 09:32:32.093 debugts- ct:1613565152093, lhb: 1613564994622, age: 157471

dev:112021-02-17 09:32:32.086 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:102021-02-17 09:32:32.044 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:102021-02-17 09:32:32.033 debugts- ct:1613565152033, lhb: 1613564997317, age: 154716

dev:102021-02-17 09:32:32.022 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:5462021-02-17 09:32:26.033 infoGaragem Externa is off [physical]

dev:512021-02-17 09:32:25.533 infoSala de Jantar is off [physical]

dev:412021-02-17 09:32:25.522 infoLavabo is off [physical]

dev:22021-02-17 09:31:33.216 errorTelnet connection dropped...

dev:22021-02-17 09:31:33.216 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:22021-02-17 09:31:33.214 debugtelnetStatus- error: send error: Broken pipe (Write failed)

dev:52021-02-17 09:31:33.207 errorTelnet connect failed, trying again in 120 seconds...

dev:52021-02-17 09:31:33.207 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:186

dev:52021-02-17 09:31:33.206 debuginitialize error: No route to host (Host unreachable)

dev:72021-02-17 09:31:31.218 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:62021-02-17 09:31:30.160 errorTelnet connection dropped...

dev:62021-02-17 09:31:30.153 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:62021-02-17 09:31:30.145 debugtelnetStatus- error: send error: Broken pipe (Write failed)

dev:5472021-02-17 09:31:04.034 warnEvent interval INCORRECT, recovery mode (Normal) ACTIVE! If this is shown every hour for the same device and doesn't go away after three times, the device has probably fallen off and require a quick press of the reset button or possibly even re-pairing. It MAY also return within 24 hours, so patience MIGHT pay off.

dev:5472021-02-17 09:31:04.030 warnOne or several EXPECTED checkin events have been missed! Something MIGHT be wrong with the mesh for this device. Minutes since last checkin: 8459 (maximum expected 90)

dev:72021-02-17 09:30:58.851 warnmethod telnetStatus of device Hall 3 ran for 502,836ms

dev:72021-02-17 09:30:58.838 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:92021-02-17 09:30:57.814 errorTelnet connection dropped...

dev:92021-02-17 09:30:57.813 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:82021-02-17 09:30:57.799 errorTelnet connection dropped...

dev:82021-02-17 09:30:57.798 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:82021-02-17 09:30:57.796 debugtelnetStatus- error: send error: Broken pipe (Write failed)

dev:92021-02-17 09:30:57.790 debugtelnetStatus- error: send error: Broken pipe (Write failed)

dev:92021-02-17 09:30:32.506 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:92021-02-17 09:30:32.505 debugts- ct:1613565032505, lhb: 1613564808790, age: 223715

dev:92021-02-17 09:30:32.504 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:82021-02-17 09:30:32.477 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:82021-02-17 09:30:32.476 debugts- ct:1613565032476, lhb: 1613564808781, age: 223695

dev:82021-02-17 09:30:32.475 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:72021-02-17 09:30:32.451 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:72021-02-17 09:30:32.450 debugts- ct:1613565032450, lhb: 1613564372177, age: 660273

dev:72021-02-17 09:30:32.449 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:62021-02-17 09:30:32.421 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:62021-02-17 09:30:32.420 debugts- ct:1613565032419, lhb: 1613564878140, age: 154279

dev:62021-02-17 09:30:32.419 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:52021-02-17 09:30:32.398 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:185

dev:52021-02-17 09:30:32.395 debugts- ct:1613565032395, lhb: 1613543192269, age: 21840126

dev:52021-02-17 09:30:32.395 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:184

dev:42021-02-17 09:30:32.373 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:42021-02-17 09:30:32.371 debugts- ct:1613565032371, lhb: 1613564939412, age: 92959

dev:42021-02-17 09:30:32.370 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:32021-02-17 09:30:32.347 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:32021-02-17 09:30:32.345 debugts- ct:1613565032345, lhb: 1613564939556, age: 92789

dev:32021-02-17 09:30:32.345 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:22021-02-17 09:30:32.314 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:22021-02-17 09:30:32.313 debugts- ct:1613565032313, lhb: 1613564877044, age: 155269

dev:22021-02-17 09:30:32.312 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:12021-02-17 09:30:32.293 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:12021-02-17 09:30:32.287 debugts- ct:1613565032287, lhb: 1613564940378, age: 91909

dev:12021-02-17 09:30:32.286 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:132021-02-17 09:30:32.269 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:132021-02-17 09:30:32.268 debugts- ct:1613565032268, lhb: 1613564966377, age: 65891

dev:132021-02-17 09:30:32.262 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:122021-02-17 09:30:32.212 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:122021-02-17 09:30:32.211 debugts- ct:1613565032211, lhb: 1613564994297, age: 37914

dev:122021-02-17 09:30:32.205 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:112021-02-17 09:30:32.129 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:112021-02-17 09:30:32.129 debugts- ct:1613565032128, lhb: 1613564994622, age: 37506

dev:112021-02-17 09:30:32.127 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:102021-02-17 09:30:32.105 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:102021-02-17 09:30:32.104 debugts- ct:1613565032104, lhb: 1613564997317, age: 34787

dev:102021-02-17 09:30:32.097 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:102021-02-17 09:29:57.384 warnmethod heartbeat of device Bar 2 ran for 325,365ms

dev:102021-02-17 09:29:57.373 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:112021-02-17 09:29:54.699 warnmethod heartbeat of device Estar 3 ran for 322,649ms

dev:112021-02-17 09:29:54.689 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:122021-02-17 09:29:54.358 warnmethod heartbeat of device Abajur ran for 322,261ms

dev:122021-02-17 09:29:54.352 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:132021-02-17 09:29:26.453 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:562021-02-17 09:29:09.894 infoSensor da Sala is inactive

dev:12021-02-17 09:29:00.439 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:52021-02-17 09:28:58.939 errorTelnet connect failed, trying again in 120 seconds...

dev:52021-02-17 09:28:58.934 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:184

dev:52021-02-17 09:28:58.933 debuginitialize error: No route to host (Host unreachable)

dev:102021-02-17 09:28:56.928 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:562021-02-17 09:28:44.806 infoSensor da Sala is active

dev:92021-02-17 09:28:32.393 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:92021-02-17 09:28:32.392 debugts- ct:1613564912392, lhb: 1613564808790, age: 103602

dev:92021-02-17 09:28:32.391 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:82021-02-17 09:28:32.354 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:82021-02-17 09:28:32.353 debugts- ct:1613564912353, lhb: 1613564808781, age: 103572

dev:82021-02-17 09:28:32.352 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:72021-02-17 09:28:32.325 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:72021-02-17 09:28:32.324 debugts- ct:1613564912324, lhb: 1613564372177, age: 540147

dev:72021-02-17 09:28:32.323 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:62021-02-17 09:28:32.299 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:62021-02-17 09:28:32.298 debugts- ct:1613564912298, lhb: 1613564878140, age: 34158

dev:62021-02-17 09:28:32.297 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:52021-02-17 09:28:32.265 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:185

dev:52021-02-17 09:28:32.264 debugts- ct:1613564912263, lhb: 1613543192269, age: 21719994

dev:52021-02-17 09:28:32.263 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:184

dev:42021-02-17 09:28:32.239 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:42021-02-17 09:28:32.238 debugts- ct:1613564912238, lhb: 1613564875500, age: 36738

dev:42021-02-17 09:28:32.237 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:32021-02-17 09:28:32.212 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:32021-02-17 09:28:32.211 debugts- ct:1613564912211, lhb: 1613564873014, age: 39197

dev:32021-02-17 09:28:32.210 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:22021-02-17 09:28:32.182 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:22021-02-17 09:28:32.181 debugts- ct:1613564912181, lhb: 1613564877044, age: 35137

dev:22021-02-17 09:28:32.180 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:12021-02-17 09:28:32.150 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:12021-02-17 09:28:32.149 debugts- ct:1613564912149, lhb: 1613564876792, age: 35357

dev:12021-02-17 09:28:32.148 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:132021-02-17 09:28:32.122 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:132021-02-17 09:28:32.121 debugts- ct:1613564912121, lhb: 1613564873007, age: 39114

dev:132021-02-17 09:28:32.121 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:122021-02-17 09:28:32.096 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:122021-02-17 09:28:32.095 debugts- ct:1613564912095, lhb: 1613564873025, age: 39070

dev:122021-02-17 09:28:32.094 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:112021-02-17 09:28:32.058 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:112021-02-17 09:28:32.056 debugts- ct:1613564912056, lhb: 1613564901234, age: 10822

dev:112021-02-17 09:28:32.055 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:102021-02-17 09:28:32.033 debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:102021-02-17 09:28:32.027 debugts- ct:1613564912026, lhb: 1613564809656, age: 102370

dev:102021-02-17 09:28:32.020 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:112021-02-17 09:28:21.275 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:62021-02-17 09:27:58.191 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:52021-02-17 09:27:52.983 errorTelnet connect failed, trying again in 120 seconds...

dev:52021-02-17 09:27:52.983 debuggetReTry- reTryCount:184

dev:52021-02-17 09:27:52.981 debuginitialize error: No route to host (Host unreachable)

dev:62021-02-17 09:27:50.965 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:12021-02-17 09:26:50.860 warnmethod telnetStatus of device Bar 1 ran for 435,625ms

dev:12021-02-17 09:26:50.855 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:22021-02-17 09:26:50.821 warnmethod telnetStatus of device Estar 2 ran for 435,579ms

dev:22021-02-17 09:26:50.817 infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

Hello, I don't own these bulbs, but looks like the yeelight connection is very poor or something else is causing the connection to be dropped.
How is the wifi signal in your home?
Use you cellphone and load an app called "Net Analyzer", do a LAN scan and see if you yeelights show up, then do a constant ping on the yeelight and watch the times.

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Thanks for the tip, @Rxich! But the Wi-Fi signal is strong and stable in the room the bulbs are. I use an Orbi mesh system, and there is a satellite in the same room... I can control them normally through Alexa or Yeelight app, immediate response!

Strange and funny. I just converted to orbi over the weekend, RBR50 modem and 2 RBS50 satellites, very fast and stable. I got them for free, they weren't working when I got them, and had to apply a little magic, now they're great.

Back to the issue, seems the telnet connection is dropping and killing the hub, failing like 184 times. What firmware version are you on and which hub C4, C5, C7?
Do you have switch the hub is connected to, if so what type?

You will like the Orbi, the best system I ever had; I also have a RBK53. And if you're using it you know about its stability, I can't imagine what is happening. I should change the bulbs for ZigBee, but I live in Brazil and it's hard to find ZigBee devices here, so we must import them.

The main problem are the custom taxes that make the devices cost 3 or 4 times its original price and the exchange, extremely unfavorable to us. To have an idea, only the hub cost to me about US$ 400.00.

I'm using a C7, connected directly to the router without any switch.

OMG, that's an incredible price, wow. And not at all fair.

I do see severe hub load covered in one of the firmware updates. You could try updating if not done already.

As far as I can tell I'm fully up to date but was getting the severe overload error.
In checking, the cause was Yeelights with one using over 10% of the capacity.

This is for a Yeelight that is not currently on the network!

Clearly, there is a serious but in the YeeLight support. I do have one Yeelight on Hubitat which is connected and not a problem and another which was never found so I use my own software.

Stepping back, is there a way to increase the capacity of the Hubitat as I add more devices?

Which device is on Is that the light not on the network?
If yes, the first thing to try is disabling the device.

It happens to generate a lot of logs, too, so I suspect the 10% is just icing on the cake.