Severe CPU Load + Firestick

Hi HE family, I was wondering if this has been witnessed before. I have a moderately filled C7 (~60ZW, ~15Zig, half a dozen Alexa, Node-red w/Maker, and some dashboards, etc) that's been purring along quite nicely for about a year now. Without touching anything on the hub I installed a Firestick 2 days ago (and 1 yesterday) and since the first one I've had intermittent automation issues associated with 'Severe hub CPU Load detected' events in the log. Thinking the EchoSpeaks v4 may have been affected (the only thing possibly associated between HE and the Firestick that I can think of) I've rebooted to seen if a clean boot solves that. Time will tell on that one but while I'm waiting I wanted to throw out my experience to see if anyone has seen this before and what resolutions were found before I start digging in further. Any thoughts?


I don't think I've seen anything like this mentioned here before, but I don't use Echo Speaks, so it's possible I've missed some threads or posts that may have mentioned this. It does seem unlikely, but maybe not totally impossible since you did change something Alexa-related.

If this happens again and you're still able to get to the hub (and you're on a recent-ish firmware version). you can do some digging in that might help you figure this out. There's a "Runtime Stats" page you can get to on the left near "Logs." Logs would be good to view too (maybe look for errors or any warnings of concern), but the stats may help you find what apps or drivers are eating into your resources--and if the app (or driver or both) you're questioning might be one of them. This page is pretty new, in case you haven't seen it before.

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Hi @bertabcd1234, thanks! That was the only thing I changed in my house so it stood to reason that'd be the first place to look. I have checked the Runtime Stats and since the system was up for over 24days, and I've only had the issue for the last 2 days the overall app and device usage was still negligible. If I recall properly out of 24day+ uptime, the usage was a little over 5 total hours. So it's tough to see a recent offender; as of my reboot this morning, after 11hrs of runtime the devices and apps are at ~5min. And always, Echo Speaks has the most usage, small as it may be, it is always on top. So adding it all up I am thinking I upset Echo Speaks somehow, might be a red herring but you have to start somewhere, right? As of now, knock on wood, after that reboot I have not had a severe load msg so I'm hopeful that whatever it is was temporary.
I have to search the community as I seem to recall an app that monitors the stats.

I use Echo speaks and have three firesticks and haven't noticed this.

Thanks for the feedback, I am hoping it was something else, I'm cautiously optimistic that it was a merely a coincidence. Since my reboot yesterday, knock on wood, I've not had any severe load messages and it seems to be humming again. It could've just been bad luck that the timing matched so close to when I installed the Firesticks. The hub was up to 24 days w/o a reboot so I'm hoping it just needed a fresh startup.

Hi all, knock on wood, but it looks like it was just a coincidence. After the Hub reboot I haven't seen the severe cpu load message and runtime stats continue to look normal at 1% total usage. I've also added 2 more firesticks without issue. If it happens again I'll post what I find.