Setup Shelly Motion with Hubitat

Have installed the drivers from GitHub - ShellyUSA/Hubitat-Drivers: Device Handlers To Use Shelly Products With Hubitat for my Shelly Motion

But I am unable to get it to trigger a light, does not show up in the logs when I trigger motion

Could someone, please, provide detailed step by step process to get this configured?

Have tried both Shelly IP and Shelly MQTT IP

Nobody out here using the Shelly Motion device?

Thanks for your assistance, I am new at this.
Thought Shelly had MQTT built in the device, guess my settings are incorrect? I did not install external MQTT Broker.

It looks like the driver for Shelly Motion connects to the MQTT broker directly, so I assume it is even simpler to set up because an additional Hubitat MQTT app is not required.

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I should be simple but I am missing something. :thinking: I guess it must be a setting or preference but I am unable to figure out what exactly

What issue are you stuck on? Did you get your external MQTT broker up and running?

I thought the MQTT broker was not needed as it is built-in the Shelly device. I made the wrong assumption it seems.

Have no raspberry at hand at the moment but will try this on my QNAP or Synology NAS, they seem to have MQTT brokers you can install. Thanks for your advice.

Ah, yes, you need an external MQTT broker and then you point both the Shelly device and the Hubitat virtual device at the same broker.

I like, as @anon81541053 also suggested.

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