Setup / postal code

Setup indicates that it will accept Canadian postal code. Unfortunately, it doesn't in the proper format. The postal code is a six-character code defined and maintained by Canada Post Corporation (CPC) for the purpose of sorting and delivering mail. The characters are arranged in the form 'ANA NAN', where 'A' represents an alphabetic character and 'N' represents a numeric character ( e.g. , K1A 0T6).

Hubitat won't accept the space between the two segments.

It accepted mine. I might have done it without the space.

Mine is setup without spaces. This works for me. Is there a reason you are looking to include a space?

Yes, it sets up without the space. My issue is with claims of compliance with standards, when those standards are not met. Was it careless programming, or just 'we don't care?' Where else are corners cut?

In my experience, the team has been focusing on what’s important. I don’t think the formatting of the postal code is that important in the grand scheme of things.


That's not a cut corner, nor is it an issue of compliance.


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