Setup NFC on IOS?

Good morning. This is more an IOS than HE question.
I have iPhone X, IOS 15.4.1
How do you get the NFC tab to show up in shortcuts? I've followed the advice and steps I can find, however it still doesn't show. Here is what it shows...

(NFC is not there)

I have "added", "activated" or "turned it on" in the control panel, but still it doesn't show.

Here it what it is SUPPOSED to show...

What is missing, what is the deal, and more importantly, how do I fix it?

I believe you will need a XR, XS and XS Max or later version of the iPhone to use the NFC feature in shortcuts. The iPhone X was not supported.


Thank you jkp. I appreciate you getting back to me.

Read the second link I posted for a work-around

I was just looking at that. Is this saying I can download either of those program and then it will work? Do I have to open one and then tap the tag or do they run in the back ground?

That part I canā€™t answer

With my iPhone 14 Pro Max, you just create a personal automation shortcut with NFC as the source and it runs in the background.


Thanks Tom! I have since learned, a little, about these tags. I have not integrated any automations yet. We did upgrade our iPhones to accommodate this technology. I think that was our biggest restraint, the phones we had didn't really do this well.

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