Setting up the UK version

What's the correct way of wiring/setting up the UK version with the z-wave stick? I presume the small double usb wire goes into the HE unit then z-wave stick and power come off it? What's confusing me is why there are 2 usb inputs on the wall plug. A diagram in the instructions would be helpful.

Do I need to then pair the z-wave stick to the HE unit or is that already done?

There’s all the info Here. Documentation

Thanks, but that's the US version, not the UK version with the extra cable and z-wave stick.

Dual USB outputs on power pack must just be just how the UK ones come. Use one port to power the Hub. Leave the other empty. Do not use it.

Regarding the radio stick, you just need to plug it in to the Hub, then you can follow the setup instructions.

Take note about “building a solid Mesh” and don’t rush things. Some of these low powered Zigbee and Zwave devices take a while to send and receive data until they’re stable on your meshes.

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Plug the Z-wave dongle into the hub using one of the 2 USB ports, plug the USB cable in to the second USB port and plug the ZigBee USB dongle into the cable

You cannot put both dongles directly in to the USB ports as there isn't enough space hence the cable

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hey there,
yep you have a C4 unit like me.
The hubitat one goes in the unit, the other one is to distance itself from the other/hub.

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So I should have got 2 USB sticks? I only got the large white one. I'm at work at the moment so can't check but i'm pretty sure my unit didn't have a USB port on the unit itself. Have I got a US unit by mistake maybe?

I'll check when home tonight.

Just looked on the product page, I think i've got the C-5, so just 1 USB stick

if it has no USB ports its a C5 (internal radios) if it had heaps of ports its a C4.

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Had a quick look and yes they are now doing C5's with built-in ZigBee plus USB cable and Z-wave dongle I would suggest plugging the White Z-wave dongle in to the cable and the cable in to the Hub

Yeah, that's what I thought, I was just confused about the extra port on the plug.

Do I need to pair the z-wave stick to the HE?

No. The Hubitat OS will detect the internal AND external USB stick and use ONLY the external. On power up, the network number ON the stick becomes the active one, and you're ready to start Joining devices to that ZWave Controller.

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Hi, sorry I'm having trouble with my Zwave for my C5. I'm trying to connect my first zwave product but having no luck. I've seen posts saying to plug the USB stick into the HE but mine only has an enthernet and micro USB port for power. The zwave device I'm trying to connect to using the 868.42Hz range which I'm told is the UK standard. I've tried pluging the USB into my router and that doesn't work either.

I believe you should have received a micro-USB breakout cable that allows power and the USB stick to be attached to your HE.

Are you sure you didn't buy the C7 with the built in z wave radio?

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Under settings -> zwave do you see any options to select your zwave location/frequency? If so, you have a C7 with internal radio.
Make sure it is enabled and in the right location.

Yup I'm sure I didn't get the c7

If that was the case mine came with a normal cable

This is how mine looks.

It’ll be currently using the inbuilt, US frequency, Zwave radio.
UK frequency is achieved by using the external USB stick. It’ll auto disable the internal Zwave radio, as only 1 can be active at a time.
You need the 2 in 1 cable, sorry.

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Thanks. Will this one work also as its more local? thanks for the help guys.